Recently, Kubet casino is a betting site that is being attended by a large number of young people. So how to register a kubet account? The following article will help you to create an account quickly. Ku Casino is a casino inherited from its predecessor Thienhabet in the method of online interaction with players. 

The bookie has been licensed to operate gambling services in the Philippines since 2019 and is located at PBCOM Tower, Makati City. KU is the leading bookie in Asia, including Vietnam. Coming to Ku, you can experience the best casino with games such as Baccarat, blackjack, dice, and poker.

KUBET’s overview

The Ku bookie supports users to withdraw money and recharge quickly and safely. Coming to KU, players can also interact with beautiful hot MCs. So why not sign up for Ku Casino.

KU entered the Asian market with its predecessor Thienhabet, so the PAGCOR Gambling and Entertainment Commission supervised KU’s online gaming activities. 

The Philippine government established this online game quality monitoring and accreditation organization. So coming here, you are entirely assured of experience. The games that KU brings to players are all highly entertaining and attractive games.

Easy playground for bettors

Players can easily find their favorite games and forte at KU’s diverse game store. Players can unleash their passion and excitement with football, basketball, online gambling, and dice games. Let’s learn the steps to register a KU account and experience it immediately.

The fastest way to register a Ku casino account

The online bookie is leading the way in the trend for red and black enth

usiasts. However, not all bookmakers are reputable and worth investing in. Therefore, choosing a safe, admirable investment and bringing profit is necessary.

KU is one of the leading reputable bookmakers. Here we will introduce how to register for Kubet simply and easily on both computers and phones.

How to register Kubet on a computer to have a playing account

Step 1: Visit the website and click on the registration item in the right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Fill in your account information.

Dealer account: Information Reseller account will be automatically filled. Please note that you do not delete the agent account code because your report will be associated with the dealer’s promotions and supported benefits. Support related to accounts, groups to exchange money from KU Casino, etc. In case, for network reasons, you do not see the pre-filled code, please fill in the following dealer codes: DE31

Account: The account name is the login name used to log in.

Nickname: The nickname will be displayed in the game via

Password: The password is used for logging in to the KU Account. It is used to log in to the KU account for security purposes. Note You should only keep the password to avoid account theft. In case you forget your password, please use your phone number to retrieve your password.

Phone number: Please enter the phone number you are using, then press Send confirmation code. KUCASINO’s automatic system will send a confirmation code to your phone number a few seconds later. Please enter the verification code. Just received the confirmation code, and click Confirm. If you do not receive the confirmation code, get in touch with us immediately for support.

Step 3: After entering the confirmation code, you can go to the preview page or make a deposit.

Step 4: After clicking deposit, fill in the necessary information and click confirm.

Note that you must enter your real name and match the account name you want to use to deposit and withdraw money. The transactions will be faster and safer.

Ku also encourages you to use a withdrawal password to ensure the rights and safety of your account.

After successful registration, the interface will look like this.

Click confirm, so you have completed the steps to register for a KU account using a computer.

How to register a Ku casino account by phone

Generally, the steps to register a KU with a phone are similar to those of a computer. The difference is in the interface for each type of device. Let’s look at the steps to register for Kubet to get an account by phone.

Step 1: Go to the website and click on register.

Step 2: Get the confirmation code from your phone.

Please enter your phone number in the phone number box, then click Send confirmation code. After receiving the code via text message, enter the confirmation code in the Confirmation Code box. Then click the confirmation box.

Step 3: Fill in the requested information.

Fill in the same information as the step in registration by computer.

Once you have filled in all the information, click Complete. When the interface as shown below appears, you have successfully registered kubet.

Tap I want to top up to add KU profile.

Step 4: Add Ku casino profile.

Fill in the necessary information as instructed in the kubet registration by computer.

At this point, the essential registration is completed. However, in some cases, the documents account is locked from the deposit feature. That’s because entering the same name as the previous users. Please note the following to unlock the deposit feature and complete kubet registration.

Note: When you encounter the above case, you should contact 24-hour support to confirm the information. KU will unlock your account if you can prove you haven’t had any before by sending KU the necessary information for verification.

Information may include:

– Driver’s license (two-sided photograph)

– Bank account and ATM card number for customer support to assign to your KU account. After withdrawing money, you do not need to repeat this step

– Provide the created account name and phone number used to create that account.

The information will be completely safe and confidential, so users can rest assured when providing it. When you have a problem, you can chat with the support staff for help solving the problem.

Why register kubet to have an account at

Currently, quite a few websites can register for an online casino account, but for the most convenience and safety, you should still write for Kubet to have an account at This page is directly from the house owner, ensuring your safety and credibility. Inheriting from Thienhabet, KU does not doubt its credibility and safety for players.

 In addition, with just a few simple registration steps, you will immediately receive many valuable gifts from in-kind to cash or scratch cards. Just becoming a new member of KU, you will immediately receive one of the gifts such as headphones, smart watches, wallets, etc.

Besides, you also get free and bonus bets on the first deposit. Registering an account at helps ensure your safety and get the most from KU.

Become a member of KU today at to ensure your prestige, safety, and convenience.

What does being a member at Kubet registration at Kucasino get?

Currently, many online casino sites exist, but KU still receives trust and confidence from many young people. What is this due to? Let’s find out the benefits of becoming a Kucasino member to register for Kubet.

Coming to KU, you will experience the website from a reputable and safe bookie and experience a variety of games. As a member of KU, you will know the most accurate, fastest, and prestigious lottery information. In addition, here, the stage is updated daily, and the winning rate is up to 93%. In addition, KU also excels in the evaluation of standard scores confirmed by experts…

KU offers players many games with many different genres. Players can directly interact with beautiful MCs. You will have fun experiences and satisfy your passion and excitement at KU.

Here, you will experience playing real money withdrawal games. Deposit and withdraw money via internet banking quickly and safely. Currently, Ku supports most banks, and players receive many incentives on the first deposit.

So with just a few simple steps to register for kubet, you can experience an online casino with various games. Coming to KU, you will be able to interact with beautiful young MCs, experience games from dice to Baccarat, etc. You will be wholly assured when transacting at KU because the security and safety have been tested. Do not hesitate to visit kucasino to register for Ku casino and become a KU member to experience today.

If the link to access Kubet KU Casino is not blocked in 2022, fix the login error.

Kubet access link: You may not know that the Ku casino house is upgraded from the long-standing reputable place Thienhabet. Known as Kubet, the Ku casino house is too familiar to professional online betting players.

KU casino has been licensed to operate gambling services in the Philippines since 2019 and is located at PBCOM Tower, Makati City. Ku Casino is the leading bookie in Asia, including Vietnam.

Ku Casino house

Especially the bookie has obtained a license to operate in the online Betting entertainment industry and is sponsored and licensed by the Philippine Government’s Gambling Administration. A new feature in Ku casino is that players can interact directly with beautiful hot female MCs. Ku promises to bring you a safe and enjoyable, fun experience.

The Ku bookie is a betting site providing almost all of the current online betting games. Coming to KU, you will experience thousands of diverse sports bets such as football and basketball … Besides, you can also satisfy your passion for games such as lottery, dice, …

To join Ku casino, you can register the correct account information at KU casino. The data is secure and receives attractive promotions from the kubet bookie. In addition, KU also supports depositing and withdrawing money at many banks via internet banking, ensuring fast and convenience for players. Let’s learn how to log in to your KU account.

Instructions for logging in at Kucasino

To become a member of Ku casino, you must first register an account. If you don’t have an account yet, don’t hesitate. Go to and sign up today. KU will help you have moments of excitement and passion. Coming to KU, you will enjoy a diverse game store with many genres.

Besides, you can also interact with beautiful female MCs. Games with simple rules, easy deposit and withdrawal, and ensuring customer information security are the advantages when coming to Ku casino.

If you already have a Ku casino account, let’s go to the steps to log in to your account at any Ku casino.

Step 1: Access the correct login link.

Perhaps you are wondering why you need to choose the login link when it is easy to search on google. Choosing the login link of the right Kubet bookie helps players reduce financial risks. In addition, this also helps to keep your information safe and secure. You can now choose one of the following pages to log in.

Step 2: Click sign in.

At this step, for the Kucasino page, you will be redirected to one of the following pages ku777, ku888, ku999, ku11, etc. You can rest assured about this because these are all domains belonging to the Kubet house. A division like this helps you always have access to it at any time without fear of being overloaded.

Step 3: Fill in the login information and click the login button.

So just a few simple steps, you can successfully log in to Ku casino. Register today to experience an online casino with Ku if you do not have an account.

ink access Kubet when blocked – Instructions to access Kucasino when blocked

Sometimes the blocked KU retrieval annoys you. Let’s find out how to continue access in this case.

Why is Ku casino blocked?

Ku casino entering the Vietnamese market in 2019 has brought a new wave of online betting. The advantages of safety, security, and a wide variety of games. Ku has been attracting more and more people to join. Because of the increasing traffic, you are sometimes blocked when accessing Ku casino. What is the cause of this? Let’s find out why Ku casino is barred. access is blocked often for many reasons, including temporary blocking caused by SPAM. You SPAM too much will lead to being blocked after the censorship stage. So avoid unnecessary SPAM; if temporarily blocked, you can wait a while or try other ways to access it when blocked.

In addition, access is also blocked due to network censorship. Ku casino is openly betting and licensed in the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. However, this is still a new form in Vietnam that has appeared since 2019. So sometimes, the network operators reduce the bandwidth for the web, leading to inaccessibility.

Instructions for accessing kubet – Kucasino when blocked

It is straightforward to understand how to split multiple access links by operating a website with more visitors like Ku. To avoid overload when accessing, the Kubet bookie has created a lot of access links. You can access one of the following links:,,,, etc., to avoid being blocked and ensure fast and safe access. Accessing the correct links from the bookie helps you access quickly, provides your benefits, and limits the financial risks when participating in the casino.

Link to access Kubet – KU casino when blocked on the computer

Sometimes when accessing Ku casino on the computer, we have been blocked. In this case, we need to change the DNS of the machine to continue accessing. Proceed as follows:

Step 1: From the toolbar on your computer, go to “Control Panel,” select Network and Internet, and Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2: Click on Change Adapter Settings, then click on Ethernet and click on Properties.

Step 3: Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties.

Step 4: Click on the Use the following DNS server addresses section to change the IP for the computer, as shown below.

You can choose one of the following three DNS to set:

Google DNS: IP: –

DNS Verizon: IP: –

DNS OpenDNS: IP: -

After changing the DNS on your computer, you can access the website normally again.

Some note:

If you have successfully changed DNS but still can’t access the link, now you need to delete all web history to be able to access it right away.

How to clear web history is as follows:

– Google Chrome: You need to open the Google Chrome browser and then select Ctrl H, then clear all browsing data is ok

– Firefox: Open the Firefox browser, then go to History and select Clear Recent History and click Clear now

How to enter Thien Ha Bet KU when blocked on the phone interface

The method is also quite simple for the phone interface.

Step 1: Download this DNS Changer application:

Step 2: Open the application and click Accept to agree to the terms of the application and start changing DNS on the phone.

Step 3: Select Google DNS, and change the IP as follows:

– DNS 1:

– DNS 2:

Then click Start. At this point, the application will turn green, and you have successfully changed DNS.

After that, you can access the above link by voice at any time.

So we no longer have to worry about being blocked while accessing Ku casino. Hope the above methods will help you quickly log in and enjoy KU.

Why should you become a member of Ku casino?

KU is a reputable online betting site based in the Philippines, licensed, so you can rest assured when you join Ku casino. As a super site from Thienhabet, Ku brings attractive games such as Baccarat, Poker, dice, etc. Coming to Ku, you will come to a rich and diverse game store. Players have a high chance of receiving rewards and winning when betting.

In online casino websites, organizes direct interaction between MCs and players. KU boldly brings hot female MCs to help players get more excited.

Coming to Ku, you will be completely assured of information security, an easy app interface, and safety and prestige when depositing and withdrawing money. Ku casino provides optimal user support when connecting to most banks, and players easily top-up via internet banking,

Ku has a lot of games with simple rules. All players with KUBET’s account can use easy management. This process ensures transparency for players.. 

Sign up for KUBET now to enjoy 20% off the first top-up

Sign up now to enjoy 20% off the first top-up and many in-kind gifts for new members. This playground is sponsored and licensed by the Philippine Government’s Gambling Administration. You will have fun and exciting experiences when you become a member of the KU house.

Above, I have guided the link to access Kubet when blocked. Register and become a member of Ku casino today. Attractive promotions are renewing every day for the members. Don’t hesitate to click register today.

Download APP KUBET 2022 – Ku Casino App for Android/IOS APK

Download the Kubet app: Currently, all online betting Vietnamese bookmakers have updated the type of play on mobile phones. Typically, Ku bet where there are two platforms for everyone to participate in online betting entertainment comfortably and quickly.

To learn how to download the following Game application, let’s find out with KUBET through the next article.

Download the KUBET app for phones on Android OS

KUBET can say that most of the brothers and sisters who participate in Ku Casino entertainment are from Android devices. 

Please follow the steps below to start downloading the application.

Step 1: Click on the link below to download the KUBET APP to your phone.

Step 2: After the download is complete, do as shown in the picture.

Step 3: In the download process, but not on CH Play, you follow the following steps to choose to install at the window that says the window is blocked from popping out. Drag the unknown origin slider to the right and select OK.

Completion: After downloading and registering, if you do not have an account or log in to participate in betting, brothers, and sisters.

Download the KUBET APP for your phone on iOS 

Step 1: Download the application on the APP STORE or access the link above. (When downloading and installing, you will receive messages that the application is not trusted, you will do some of the following steps to complete.)

Step 2: The fix is ​​as follows. Follow me: general settings => Device management. Go to Shanghai investigative Technology Co., Ltd and select Trust.

* Note: The first time you open the application, there will be a message: “Allow KU casino to access images and media files on the device?”

Done: You’ve finished installing the KUBET entertainment app on your iOS phone!

The advantages of downloading and using the KUBET APP

• No need to type the website address of the bookie or search for the KUBET link like before.

• Compatible with all versions of Android and iOS.

• Specially designed for mobile.

• Smooth betting experience, fast speed, sharp image.

• Convenient for handling operations when playing casino and depositing and withdrawing money.

• And much more waiting for you to discover.

Instructions to top up KUBET full, detailed from A-Z only 5 minutes

How to deposit KUBET is very interested in many brothers. After successfully registering an account, you must make a deposit to participate in betting and playing casinos. The house supports many methods of depositing money into the budget for members. In the content of this article, KUBET will guide you on making a complete and detailed deposit with pictures from A-Z.

Quick Guide to Top Up KUBET from ZaloPay

Top-up KUBET from ZaloPay: As one of the major bookmakers in Vietnam, the deposit into the betting account will be more diverse, giving players more flexibility in depositing, so KU CASINO offers different types of money. Popular top-up model in which ZalaPay is a very flexible new function. 

Let’s learn the details of this article with to start depositing, brothers and sisters.

What is ZaloPay?

Zalmay is a mobile payment application with many unique features. Specially built to satisfy all of life’s payments and multiple cash flow needs. The application links many banks nationwide and is widely used by the people.

  • KUBET’s sport prediction

Instructions for depositing KUBET from ZaloPay

Before starting to top up from ZaloPay, please check that your account has a normal recharge function and is not locked. Then we will deposit money from this type, brothers and sisters.

Step 1: First, we will log in to our KUBET betting account and choose the type of deposit from ZaloPay. (Note: you must take a screenshot of the image as proof of transfer and explain to the support team how to officially top up).

Step 2: Then, we switch to the ZaloPay application and select the payment function from the application.

Step 3: We will select the available images taken previously to scan the transfer information.

Step 4: Finally, you choose to copy the transaction details and paste them into the transfer.

Step 5: Then, we return to the KUBET interface in step 1. And paste the transaction code copied in step 5 and enter the number of points to deposit (1 point = 1000 VND). Then click Confirm => Transferred.

Step 6: You have finished the transaction, and the system will check and automatically add points to your account in about a few minutes.

** So you have wholly recharged KUBET from ZaloPay. Please contact the support team if you do not receive the money. The institute will solve the problem quickly for you.

Quick Guide to Top Up KUBET from QR Code

Recharge KUBET from QR: This type is also quite famous and popular in Vietnam. You can choose this type to top up KU CASINO to participate in attractive online entertainment betting. Money returns quickly within 2 minutes. Please refer to the content below with to know how to deposit correctly and the details, guys.

What is QR Code payment?

When paying for goods to customers, the cashier will enter the amount to be paid. Then you will show the QR code on your app. 

The cashier will scan that QR code and deduct the money from your account. Of course, your QR code must be connected to your bank account, or use a personal QR code available in your Mobile Banking application.

Benefits of paying with QR codes:

1. No special equipment is needed.

2. Fast, easy to use.

3. Extremely high safety and security today.

Instructions to recharge KUBET from QR Code

It may be a bit more steps than other ways to top up, but it will be safe for your money. Let’s start to top up now! Let’s GO!

Step 1: You log in to your KUBET account and select the deposit and withdrawal function -> deposit money as shown in the image below.

Step 2: You choose the type of kubet deposit that is a QR code on the frame.

Step 3: Then, you choose the NL Pay function. Note that you must enter the number of points to load: the minimum is 200 points, and the maximum is 20000 points. 1 point = 1,000 VND respectively. Then press the confirm button.

Step 4: Finally, choose a payment method with many big banks across the country.

Step 5: After selecting the number of transfer lines, a QR Code will appear, and let’s take a screenshot.

Step 6: After having the QR Code in the photo gallery, we open the Internet Banking application on the phone and select the type of QR Pay.

Step 7: We select the photo library and the previously captured Qr code image to start scanning.

Done: Enter the OTP to confirm the payment. After 2-5 minutes, KUBET will convert the money into points in your KUBET account.

Quick Guide To Top Up KUBET At Counters

Top-up at the counter – there are many types of deposits when participating in Online betting at KU CASINO, in which the kind of bank transfer at the counter is also used quite a lot by many members who do not use it. Other functions of bank cards and Internet Banking, so what is specialized in over the counter? How is it reasonable? Let’s read the article below with KUBET.

Instructions for depositing KUBET at the counter

As you all know, online casino is not legal in Vietnam, so it will be complicated to transfer money by this method. 

So if you have no other way, use the money transfer method. Hey, be careful, brothers and sisters.

Step 1: Go to KUBET.AI and log in to your account on KU CASINO.

Step 2: As usual, you choose to deposit and withdraw -> then select the deposit item.

Step 3: At the displayed screen, choose the type of transfer at the counter.

Step 4: Select the bank you want to top up and press the “Confirm” button. (Note that if you choose this type, the money will be received when there is a notice from the bank, the amount will be automatically added to your account).

Step 5: Upon confirmation, the interface screen will receive the recipient’s name and account number. Now save it and go to the bank to transfer money.

Step 6: If the money transfer process is successful, take a photo of the receipt and go to the website to do the next step.

Note the following:

• The payer’s full name must match the name of the account registered.

• After completing the top-up, please keep the receipt for easy comparison and ensure your interest.

• Enter the number of points to load: 1 point = 1,000 VND.

Quick Guide to Top Up KUBET from ATMs

Top up KUBET from an ATM – a type that is not too popular at the moment but is still used by many betting members at KU CASINO to improve quality and satisfy all our customers. This type will be highly detailed instructions by in the following article so that you can apply and quickly transfer money to participate in many kinds of entertainment from our house.

Instructions to top up KUBET from ATMs

Without letting you wait long, I will start quickly with instructions so that you can understand the fastest and most accurate deposit type, see below.

Step 1: Log in to your KUBET betting account on your web browser.

Step 2: As usual, you choose to deposit and withdraw at the screen => then select deposit.

Step 3: We will save the recipient information for the correct transfer.

* Some notes to know when transferring:

1. Does not support money transfer via card number in the same banking system. If the top-up bank account is 1 of the eight banks above, then choose the account number.

2. Use the owner’s bank account to deposit money

3. After completing the deposit, please keep the invoice for convenience and ensure your interest.

Step 4: This is a critical money transfer step. You just need to go to the ATM and select the money transfer function from your bank card.

• Go to the nearest ATM and prioritize the correct ATM.

• Insert your ATM card into the machine.

• Select Vietnamese language for ease of use.

• Enter ATM card password (PIN code)

• Select transfer money or transfer.

• Enter the card number and account number of KUBET that you saved in the above step.

• Check the correct recipient information to confirm the transfer.

Step 5: Finally, you return to the KUBET deposit section. Select your bank name, account number, card number, and top-up number to confirm your score.

Above is the complete step-by-step guide to depositing KUBET in various forms. If you still have trouble depositing money into your account, please contact our 24/7 online support team.


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