Interesting & Fun Facts  1 Super Mario & Nine Inch Nails

Video games are timeless! We’re certain that you have played video games at least once, whether you are an adult or student. Video games have grown to be a huge industry. Video games are not just random games with no purpose.

These games have dedicated characters and a storyline. You might also be a gamer who is familiar with the various games you have played.

What if we told ya that there are some things you don’t know regarding your favorite game?

Yes, each game goes through a lot of modifications during development. These modifications are later turned into stories that most gamers have never heard of. Continue reading to discover fun and exciting facts that you won’t find out even after you have completed every side quest at least a dozen times.

1 Super Mario & Nine Inch Nails

It is not surprising that many of the Super Mario Koopalings are named after well-known singers in real life. Most people can recognize connections between names such as Lemmy, Ludwig and Iggy.

Another character, Reznor, is also available in Super Mario World. He’s the fire-breathing Triceratops and is the not-so-favorite nemesis. It is also named after a unique source. It is named after Trent Reznor (a member of Nine Inch Nails) who is also the composer of Quake music.

2 The Nintendo Comboy!

After World War II, South Korea banned Japanese cultural imports. This ban remained in effect until 2004. The restriction resulted in the ban of prominent Japanese offerings, but South Korea also missed out on many new developments that the Japanese offered, particularly in the gaming sector.

However, this does not mean that South Korean players weren’t introduced to Mario. It is interesting to note that Nintendo merchandise was sold in South Korea by Hyundai Electronics. The Hyundai Comboy 64 and Super Comboy replaced the Hyundai Comboy. This made it the predecessor of the NES in the years that followed.

#3 The Globally Known Batman Game Was Nearly Rhythmic

Batman: Arkham Asylum is a game that’s a masterpiece in gaming! It’s one of the few games that continues to surprise us with new features, side quests, or storylines even after it was launched over a decade ago. Here’s a surprising fact that many gamers don’t know.

The game was initially introduced as a rhythmic, action-oriented game during its initial stages of development. The plan was followed by the second prototype. It featured 2D combat and colorful circles that slammed into each other when foes were involved. The developers managed to create the ultimate fighting system after their third attempt.

#4 The Launch Bell

Some music, callout phrases, and featured noises are trademarked for the game. Fallout 3’s satisfying “ding” is a sound it makes when the Fat Man bomb goes off.

The sound that many users love and are nostalgic about isn’t made by a nuke. The voice was adapted from a Bethesda Softworks cafeteria bell. The Fat Man, also known as ‘M-388’, was inspired by the Davy Crockett Tactical Nuclear Recoilless Rifle, which is an actual nuclear launcher that was created in the 1950s.

#5 Lara Croft Was At First Called Laura Cruz

Lara Croft is a well-known name after the huge success of the video game franchise, which was later made into a movie. But what if we said that Lara Craft, the lead tomboy in the game’s franchise, was not supposed to be called Lara Craft?

Toby Gard, Core Design animator, came up with the idea of creating an interactive film that featured a man looking for hidden riches in Egyptian pyramids. The character was quickly replaced by Laura Cruz, an American woman, due to its similarity to Indiana Jones. Core required a name that was familiar to Britons. The staff looked through a telephone book and selected the name “Croft,” which became Lara Croft.

#6 Queen Of Persia Was Once A Product When Making

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed game series has been a long-running viral hit for decades. It has been a huge success, offering a rich gaming experience across all digital formats. It is interesting to note that there was never any plan to introduce this game.

The original intention was to make Prince of Persia a spinoff, but the “Assassin’s Creed”, video game featured a female assassin who was charged with protecting a Jerusalem prince. Prince of Persia: Assassins was the title of the game. Ubisoft decided to reject the idea after about a year of development, as it was not sufficiently focused on the prince. The game was eventually renamed to Assassin’s Creed!

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