Is Arbor Day Foundation Scam :- Is the Arbor Day Foundation real or bogus?

This article contains information from the Arbor Day Foundation website. To check Is Arbor Day Foundation scam or not.

Earth is our home and we must do everything to make it safer for the future. Right? What do you know about the United States people and their efforts to support this cause?

Arbor Day Foundation is an internet-based organization that encourages and prepares people for donating and purchasing plants for environmental conservation. They deliver your orders right to your door. People are still curious about the Is Arbor Day Foundation Scam.

Is the Arbor Day Foundation real or bogus?

  • Creation Date-14/04/1995
  • Expiration Date –15/04/2025 (more than 3 years)
  • The details of the owner are hidden by WHOIS.
  • Trust Index –It’s excellent with a score 97%.
  • Trust score –Outstanding score with 100/100.
  • Website Blocklist status – Not yet detected by any engine.
  • Malware Score – Not found any.
  • Phishing score –Didn’t find any.
  • The suspicion is close by – No suspicion has been found.
  • Website Ranking – Safe and active rank
  • Reviews  There are many online reviews of different websites.
  • Security-It offers a secure and private HTTPS connection.
  • Social media presence –Active accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Contact details –It’s available and can also be found on Google.
  • This website is popular.
  • Spam score –Not found any.
  • Address – Can be found on the official website and searched on Google Maps.
  • Order tracking- They will notify you via email and provide portal tracking.

The basic data analysis shows that viewers’ question Does Arbor Day Foundation Scam? was answered as “no-till”. Let’s find out more.

Arbor Day Foundation – More Information-

In 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation was established. The Arbor Day Foundation was founded in 1972. It is a holiday that celebrates trees, and is especially important for those who are unable to plant trees. This holiday is celebrated in different countries, as each country has different climates. This foundation is dedicated to planting more trees in the future.

You can order the plants online and pick them up. You can also donate to plantation drives in other parts of the country.

Is Arbor Day Foundation a Scam Specifications

  • Website name- https://www.arborday.org/
  • Contact number –1-848-7337
  • Email ID –[email protected]
  • Address-The Arbor Day Foundation, 211 N. 12th Street Lincoln NE 68508
  • Cost- USD.
  • Return and Refund policy- They have a one-time policy that will replace any seedlings that are not developed. The replacement of any seedlings that are damaged is possible for free if they are found.
  • Payment methods –PayPal. Visa. MasterCard
  • Shipping Policy –Orders over $99 qualify for free shipping Your order will be delivered in 7-12 business days.
  • Privacy policy.Collection donor data and locations.

More data leads to more points: Is Arbor Day Foundation a scam? Gets mixed clarification.

The website’s pros and cons –

  • This domain is very popular.
  • It ranks well on Alexa.
  • This website is safe.
  • They do not have a spam or malware score.
  • This website has been promoted by many other websites.
  • It is valid SSL certified.
  • This website is very popular.
  • The domain name has been claimed by the owner for quite some time.

Cons of this website-

  • Mixed reviews were found, mostly negative.
  • WHOIS hides the identity of the owner.

Review of the Arbor Day Foundation

The website scores and information are legitimate and safe. However, reviews are mixed and overwhelmingly negative. Some people were dissatisfied with the delivery service and complained about poor customer service from the front desk. Some also complain about the quality and delivery of their plants.

People are also happy to donate to the organization because they are actively supporting the cause and offering better options for members. To learn more about the protection against PayPal cons , click here


“Is Arbor Day Foundation a Scam, likely “Not.” However, it is a good idea to read about other people’s experiences before you make any purchase. Different people have different experiences and we should learn from each one. You should always review any purchase if the company fails to live up to their promises.

For today’s world, it is important to work smarter.