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The portal has been certified in the United States . However, buyers still want to know If Homedecorn Scam, or Legit. We will verify all details.

Source: – An authentic trading platform

  • This online portal was launched on 18/08/2022. It is only one month old and 23 days old.
  • It is terrible that the trust count is only 2 percent.
  • On the login page, we get a valid number.
  • A valid physical address can be found on the home page.
  • We did not find any logos for social media on the official site.
  • It is ranked #3220958 on global platforms.
  • Are customers’ Homedecorn reviewsfound No
  • The owner’s name is not known.
  • Different pages that you can use for each policy.
  • Within 30 days of receiving your order, you can return the product.
  • Within a few days, the refund will be in your account.

Overview at –, an online retailer specializing in high-quality products, is a great choice. The site offers products such as Digital Circuit Board Ledge, Daniel Boone C12V WiFi, American Godfather bass GF-1222 12-400, American Godfather Ledge, and many more.

You still need to verify Is Homedecorn scam or legit . So, you should study all aspects of , including-

Specification for –

  • This is the type of website It falls under miscellaneous platform for product trading.
  • Product Features It deals in electronics, household goods, toys, and so on.
  • This online site was built on18 /08/2022
  • The life expectancy is18/08/2023
  • URL of online site
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Toll-free number– +1 (206) 774-7965
  • Current physical address – 2105 Beta St SE Lacey WA 98503, United States
  • Delivery time – 5 to 7 Days
  • Shipping terms – It uses USPS services.

To Learn More About Homedecorn and to See Its Benefit-

  • It offers all the policies in a variety of products.

The disadvantages of an online site-

  • A social media website is not available.


We found that we didn’t get any feedback from buyers about this selling site. However, it is possible to not say if it is true or false. To save your transaction, please refer to Know About PayPal Scams.