is Julius Jones Still Alive has released details about an inmate whose death sentence was converted to a life sentence from the Governor of Oklahoma.

Have you seen this episode, which was the 6th of American reality television show The Kardashian aired on the 19th of May? The sixth episode focused on the character Julius Jones and the Kardashian efforts to prevent her from execution. Although the show was a hit within both the United Kingdom and Canadaaudience however, its ratings are lower than fifty percent on a number of review websites.

The first episode of the series began airing on the 14th of April and focuses on the lives of the Kardashian- Jennifer family. Does Julius Jones Still Alive exposes facts about Julius Jones as well as his conviction

Julius Jones in “The Kardashians” Drama:

Based on Kim Kardashian, the judicial system in the United States needs some change to provide justice to all citizens. Kim Kardashian has enrolled herself in the lawyer’s course to become a licensed attorney for the state. Julius has been an Oklahoma prisoner who was found guilty of murdering businessman Paul Howell in 1999.

Jone’s trial, and his conviction, attracted international attention when his lawyer claimed innocence and denied all allegations against Jone. According to Julius’s account the trial was conducted with his buddies when he was involved in the incident. However Paul Howell sitting in the rear seat has been a witness against him.

Is Julius Jones Still in Jail?

After Jones was found guilty for the crime, and was charged for murder. The judge handed down the death sentence to Julius at the age of 18 on 19th day of November 2021. The sixth episode of the drama focused on this incident and Kim’s attempt to reduce the death sentence.

The trial attracted the attention of the world, many Republican lawmakers called the Governor Stitt for clemency recommendations from the Oklahoma Pardon Board. More than six million people registered online in opposition to Jone’s murder. Even though the Governor reduced Julius’s death sentence by within four hours prior to the execution, he’s still in jail.

Julius Jones Oklahomafamily believes that he is innocent and they’ll pursue every legal option to get him out of jail. The sixth episode, which aired on May 19th and titled “This is Life or Death Situation,” which was based on the case of Julius Jone.

Rolle in the life of Kim Kardashian in Commuting Jone’s death sentence:

Different spheres of existence made an effort to be able to commute Jones’s execution sentence. As per her daughter, the current show “The Kardashian” has shown numerous things she did to aid Jones. The show doesn’t show certain of her actions for example, such as her long journey to Oklahoma to meet her sister and governor Stitt.

Are Julius Jones still in prison in the current Status for Julius?

According to reports in the media, Julius is currently serving his sentence of life imprisonment in Oklahoma State jail in McAlester. In commuting his death penalty to a life sentence governor Stitt made it clear that Jones was to serve the sentence without Parole. The Jones family and his attorney are still convinced that he is innocent and are evaluating all legal options to free him.

The final verdict

The two episodes from The Kardashian are remaining, and fans can catch it on Hulu streaming service on Thursday. Fans can also share their opinions about the Jones case by commenting in the comments part in Are Julius Jones Still Alive .

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