Is Lungi Us Scam Specifications

Check out the article to prove your doubts about Lungi Us Scam If you’re keen to know more about the site’s legitimacy.

Are you a fan of browsing the latest online shopping sites? You might be intrigued by Lungi Us. Lungi Us store, so we’ll look into this post. Today, we’ll reveal one online marketplace which sells stylish clothing , where customers can get only the highest quality clothing.

The website was launched within the United States and distributed across the globe. Additionally, there are multiple platforms accessible on the internet which offer the same products, however, you can’t be sure of the legitimacy of all sites because the internet is brimming with scam shops. Additionally, many are coming across that Lungi Us scam?

Is Lungi Us legit?

In this section we’ve listed a few details about the site which will assist shoppers in confirming the authenticity of the website. Therefore, consumers can easily determine the legitimacy of the website using the information available. In addition, today numerous scam websites are available online with a clear purpose to deceive innocent customers and take their money.

In the next section we have listed the essential information you need to be analyzed prior to registering with this site.

  • Domain name name creation date – The domain name on the website is not more than 6 months old as the date of creation was 19/04/2022.
  • Customer feedback- None of the Lungi Us Reviews are posted on the site and no feedback is found on the internet portals.
  • Social media icons: The site does not have any details regarding the social media page link.
  • Alexa rank- The website has been awarded the rank of 6138836 on Alexa.
  • Domain termination date – The domain name on the website will be terminated within one year, which is on 19/04/2023.
  • A trust score This website is suitable for users who are experienced as it has earned the trust of 1.
  • Content of the websiteThe content and entirety of the interior are copied.
  • Validity of the address for the company. given address is a flimsy representation of the actual location.
  • Discount offers – No discounts or offers are offered.

In the Are The Lungi Us Scam review, we’ve presented all the evidence to prove the authenticity of the website and its owners, so keep an eye on these reviews.

The Lungi Us?

The information available on the website’s “About Us” page says it is Lungi Us is the online clothing store that lets top-quality t-shirts to be sold under its brand name. The site collects its selection of top designers and offers customers a variety of choices. Additionally, on the website, t-shirts with custom designs are also offered to customers who can choose their preferred color, style and design.

In addition on the website’s homepage, there is only a single black T-shirt is sold as well as the entire page is empty. So, buyers must confirm whether the Lungi Us fraud or not before making any move forward.


  • Domain establishment date-19/04/2022
  • Products- printed T-shirts
  • Return and exchange of purchases It takes 30 business days to process
  • Payment method: Paypal
  • Estimated delivery durationThe transit time is between 3 and 8 working days in the U.S.
  • Contact number: Contact number:
  • Social media connection- Unavailable
  • Refund policy- takes some time (mentioned in this policy)
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Newsletters are not available.
  • Transportation fee – No information is available
  • Address: 343 Cranbury Half Acre Road, Cranbury, New Jersey 08512, United States
  • Website URL- https://lungi.us

The website even claims to offer customized items, however, we’re not certain about the authenticity of the Lungi Us scam.

Benefits of this online store

  • The FAQ section of the website contains pertinent information.
  • The privacy policy page of the site includes legal information.

There are some disadvantages to shopping on this website

  • This site could be a fraud because many scam websites use the same interface and the logo is copied from other websites.
  • The absence of links to social media make this site suspect.
  • There are no customer feedbacks posted on the site.

Review by the Customer’s Lungi Us Reviews

The investigation revealed that the website is brand new and has no information of note available. Additionally, the developers have not created a separate page for review. So, no feedback is available. Find out how you can receive your money back through paypal in the event that you require the money you lost returned.

Thoughts at the final

After analyzing all elements, we’ve put together a list of information on the clothing website. Similar to the research and development, we have found that the website could be likely to be fraudulent if we look at the data available.

However, we recommend consumers investigate further on this the Lungi Us scampost before making any conclusions because the site is only recently created, making it unfair to say that it’s legitimate. You can find it here if would like to recuperate your credit card payment using a debit card. points to avoid fraudulent transactionsread as well as beware.