Please take the time to read this piece to find the answer to your question. Are legitimate? regarding a brand new e-commerce retailer that sells wigs with various styles.

Are you looking to experiment with various hairstyles without committing to an appointment for a haircut? Are you interested in using trendy wigs that can be worn for different situations? Are you interested in changing your appearance by using different kinds of hairstyles? Do you want to know more about wigs? Read this article to find out the most important details regarding a similar platform.

In this write-up we’ve discussed an online store that is related to hairstyles. People from different countries including in the United States, are eager to know more about the store. So, read on to answer your query. Are legitimate?.

Is authentic?

This section will allow you to understand the authenticity of this website. This way, you’ll feel more confident about purchasing the services offered.

  • Website Age Website Age The platform is just 4 days old. It was created by the developers on March 2nd, 2022.
  • website trust score:2 percent that is a Very Low Trust Score.
  • Social Media Linking Social Media LinkingThe icons at the lower right of the homepage don’t link to the social media accounts of this website’s profiles. In fact, the icons redirect users to the login pages for the forums, such as Facebook or Instagram. So they are not real and the social media connection is missing.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews We found a few Luvwnhairs reviews included with the products. All of them are positive and are rated five stars. However, the review dates are not listed. Additionally, there aren’t any critiques, which make it difficult to determine if they are genuine.
  • The authenticity of Contact Information –The physical address and the telephone are connected to various similar platforms via the Internet. Furthermore, the email address doesn’t contain the domain name of the website.
  • Non-functional Links Non-Functional Link The fast links such as the community gallery and customer gallery don’t work.
  • Spelling ErrorContact is not correctly spelled as Contanct in the home page.

These data suggest that this site could be suspect. We cannot however declare is legitimate since it’s young and is likely to being under construction.

What is

Luvwnhairs is an online electronic commerce site that offers wigs of various styles and shades. The designers have uploaded images of models wearing the wigs in order to give more information about the styles.


  • Website Type Website Type An online online store which sells wigs with a variety of hairstyles.
  • Website Address –
  • Contact Address – 2-999-26, Hualong Rd, Jinan City, District Licheng, Shandong
  • Phone NumberBuyers can call 546-461-6456
  • E-mail ID –[email protected]
  • Sorting option –Available
  • social Media Linking Social Media Linking Not available (This is a vital aspect of your question is legitimate?).
  • Filter by –Not available
  • Shipping InformationStandard delivery takes anywhere from three to 14 days. Customers can receive free shipping on orders of more than $59.
  • The return and refund policies are as follows: Policy Refund and Return PolicyBuyers can return the items within 30 days of receiving the item. The company has not provided the timeframe for refunds.
  • Payment MethodsMajor credit or debit cards as well as PayPal.
  • Price of products Price of Products Displaying using local currencies. Customers can choose their currency using the menu drop-down.
  • The Terms of Service Terms of ServiceAvailable
  • Privacy Policy – Mentioned


  • The developers have provided important information on how to care for wigs hair density, wig care, etc.
  • The conditions of service are legal.

Cons Reaffirming Legit

  • The descriptions of the products seem to indicate that the creators have copied these images in image formats taken from other websites.
  • The feedback hyperlinks on the homepage aren’t functional.
  • The icons for social media are misleading because they direct users to the login pages for forums but not the profiles of the website.
  • The site does not carry an official copyright badge.
  • The home page has images of the website’s physical store. But, it isn’t verified through the Web. Therefore, we can’t be sure of the authenticity of this image.
  • The website is not yet established enough to be trusted.
  • The contact information is associated with a number of other dubious websites which deal with similar matters. Reviews

The site is not yet established enough to draw customers’ interest. Therefore, it’s obvious that platforms such as Reddit or Quora do not have reviews. While the site has user reviews that are mostly positive, we can’t be relying on them. These reviews appear biased, do not include reviews’ dates and are used as images. So, we suggest you to read about how to Recover Your Money Returned to PayPal If you are scammed on these shady platforms.


The website appears suspicious , based on our investigation. However, we can’t say to be legitimate since it’s young and is not well-developed. We recommend that you understand the best way to get money back on credit cards to protect yourself. Additionally, you might want to learn more about hair wigs and the process of making them.

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