Is Pecthep Scam Features of Pecthep Shop

Have you ever tried the Pecthep Shop? This is an online shopping site. Many of you may have visited it. This domain is owned by the United States. The buyers from this country are searching for Is Pecthep Scam. This post is to inform our buyers about this shop. This post will provide all details.

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Is this site genuine?

Pecthep shops can appear to be legitimate, but we don’t know enough about the legitimacy details to determine its legitimacy. Online scams are at an all-time high, and customers worry about their safety. We are here to help you. This post will provide details about Pecthep Review trust count, social media pages and other factors that help to verify the legitimacy of this shop.

This section will allow you to judge the legitimacy of the Pecthep shop. Follow this link until the end.

  • The date of registration is August 16, 2021. The shop is approximately ten months old. One can’t trust this shop.
  • Registrar Pecthep has been registered through GoDaddy.com LLC.
  • Trust Factor – It has only a eight percent trust count. We don’t recommend that you shop here.
  • Buyer ReviewsWas Pecthep a Scam We haven’t found any reviews on any of the online sites so that answer is obvious. There were no ratings on the official site.
  • Social media pages: No availability social media platforms. This website is not popular.
  • Data Safety This domain protects users’ data through HTTPS. They maintain safety standards.
  • Missing Data All details such as address and phone number are missing from the Contact Us section. In terms of service, only email is available.
  • Customer Policies : Policies can be found in the sections they belong to. The layout allows buyers to view their policies.

Short examined in Is this a Pecthep Scam

Pecthep allows buyers to find lawnmowers at low prices online. The shop only sells one type of product. It can also be a one-line shop. Although they only sell mowers, they offer a variety of products. It’s a bit interesting. You can purchase one if you’re interested, but make sure you verify its legitimacy before you do so.

Features of Pecthep Shop

  • Buy mowers from the following URL: https://www.pecthep.com/
  • Email address of Pecthep: [email protected]
  • Phone number and address information are not available. Our section also does not contain any details.
  • Is Pecthep Scam It is not a legitimate website, as there are no reviews online or on the official domain.
  • Shipping Policy: All orders over 39.99 USD qualify for free delivery
  • Their Return Policy: The policy is good for around 30 days. We can return products within one month.
  • Payment Options: Amex, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Positive Points

  • You can email the terms and conditions section.
  • It is possible to access HTTPS.

Negative points

  • Every platform is missing reviews.
  • Social media pages are not available on social platforms.
  • Contact us does not contain a phone number or address.

Pecthep Review

Because the contact information section of the shop does not contain email, phone number or address details, it is suspect. However, the terms of service include the email address. There are no reviews of the website on review sites or platforms such as online review sites. There are no reviews on the official website. Social media pages are not available. The shop isn’t very popular, as all the well-known websites can be found on social media. This creates doubts in the mind of the user. To avoid Credit Card Scamming , you can review the policies.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our post on Scam. We have discovered that the shop was only registered ten months ago. It also has a low trust score. It is a scam website with a trust score of only 8 percent. Legitimacy is an important part of assessing trustworthiness. This post will explain how to obtain a refund for fraudsters using PayPal.

What do you think about the Pecthep shop If you’ve ever bought from this shop, let us know.