Is Product Owner Training Worth It in 2022?

Product development has become the norm in the modern, technologically advanced, and growing world. Scrum framework is being widely implemented as an everyday practice by leading organizations like IBM, Google, Siemens, etc. as well as incoming and rising businesses and start-ups. Numerous enterprises are hiring plenty of product owners, scrum masters, etc. The demand for Scrum and Agile Methodologies is rising quickly, which is increasing the competition for qualified applicants. Different strategies are being used to stay in the race.

A launched product must adhere to both user demands and company principles, according to the product owner. Therefore, having a qualified product owner with the appropriate training would be pretty helpful for a project.

What is a Product Owner?

One of the three jobs under the Scrum umbrella is the product owner. The product owner is in charge of maximizing the worth of the product and the developer team’s labor once PMI® is launched. However, a product owner’s working methods might differ significantly based on the business, scrum team, and individual. Among the product owner’s primary responsibilities are:

·   Explaining the product backlog item’s (user wish list) contents in detail.

·   Sorting backlog product items to better accomplish project objectives and purposes

·   Improving the business value of the development team’s efforts.

·   Make sure the product backlog is accessible to all parties, transparent, and understandable, and that it outlines the next steps the scrum team will do.

·   Make sure the development team is aware of user-submitted product backlog items.

Importance of Product Owner

The product owner’s certification demonstrates that they are capable of cooperating with the scrum team, as their main duty is to raise the value of the delivered product. Whereby they must establish the product backlog, manage the project’s progress, and guarantee that the deliverables satisfy the “Completed” criterion. In the conclusion, product owner certification will demonstrate that the product owner has a thorough understanding of the procedure to guarantee the intended outcome.

In order to be certified as a product owner, it requires training and experience. For a person to even attempt a certification exam, a few of the prerequisites include having at least 36 hours of Product owner training period. Below is one of the best certifications that might help you in becoming a certified product owner professional or expert.

CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner): The Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO®) designation was initially made available by the Scrum Alliance. Product managers, product owners, and other stakeholders who have a basic understanding of the Agile Scrum methodology are the target audience for the CSPO® certification.

CSPO® offers a fundamental comprehension of ideas in product ownership, including:

·   Comprehension of the innovative product owner’s responsibilities

·   Describe the goals and development plans for the product.

·   Comprehension of end-users

·   Try out different product hypotheses

·   Create and use a product backlog.

Overall, this single certification for product owners would be great for anyone who wishes to understand the fundamental principles of Scrum to lay a strong team foundation.

A CSPO® certification can benefit someone who wants to become a successful Scrum practitioner in the accompanying directions:

·   Increase the reach of your profession by becoming knowledgeable about common Agile methods.

·   Showcase your expertise in Scrum by stacking the most in-demand Scrum talents.

·   Participate actively in the Scrum practice and improvement community of Agile practitioners.

·   By leading and executing Scrum in the team, you may produce a superior product.

Since a few years ago, CSPO® certification has grown in popularity. The reason is that, in today’s cutthroat industry, practically every firm is recruiting Product Owners to stay ahead of their competitors. The following are some ways that the Certified Scrum Product Owner may help the company:

·   Establishes the vision statement and gives the team members instructions so that the final product will be highly valuable.

·   Assists the team in producing high-quality output.

·   Helps team members and stakeholders communicate effectively.

·   Helps people establish an agile mindset and spreads the use of Scrum.

What Are the Steps to Become a Certified Product Owner?

Step 1: Find a reputable institution that is a Registered Education Alliance (REA) of the Scrum Alliance as the first step.

Step 2: Read the Scrum Guide and Agile Manifesto to familiarise yourself with basic Scrum principles and vocabulary before attending training.

Step 3: Participate in the 2-day CSPO® training under the guidance of Certified Scrum Trainers® (CSTs).

Step 4: The Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) will upgrade your information on the Scrum Alliance website once you’ve finished the training.

Step 5: Accept your CSPO license by logging into your Scrum Alliance account using the welcome email that Scrum Alliance will provide you.

Step 6: Accept your license by logging in using this link and resetting your login information.

Step 7: After approving your license, download your CSPO® certificate from their official website.

Coming back to the question at hand, Is Product Owner Training worth it? The answer is, Absolutely, Yes!

The reason for this is, to become a product owner, one ought to understand the roadmap towards becoming a product owner. They have to familiarise themselves with the roles and responsibilities, pros and cons, ups and downs, risks and benefits. You will unleash all of the mysteries in the training period. This is the reason for undergoing the training.

A PO works with customers and stakeholders in addition to developing a vision for the project team and participating in scrum meetings. The product owner promotes the product and is more familiar with it and its features. The product owner is in charge of organizing and prioritizing the backlog of features that are essential to the product. They will determine whether any adjustments to the product backlog are necessary.


Product managers and owners that have earned the CSPO® certification stand out from the crowd in a business. It is a widely recognized certification for the position. Certified experts are very useful to a business since they can create a vision, time management, resources, and features of the product as well as communicate with stakeholders. CSPO®-certified product owners frequently receive a fantastic income and other advantages as a result of their abilities.