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Read Rainlands.co.uk offers free shipping 50 percent discounts, and discounts on any additional purchases. Be aware of Rainlands Legit? Rainlands legitimate?

Are you ready to go on an exciting shopping spree in anticipation of the women’s day celebrations? Are you trying to find websites that offer special discounts to celebrate women’s day? Do you need warm clothing and winter footwear? Are you looking to purchase trendy and fashionable accessories on the internet across the United KingdomHong Kong, and the United States?

Rainlands.co.uk provides free shipping, a 40% discount for women’s events discounts on prices, and discounts on other purchases. So, check out this article to find out more about Rainlands.co.uk. Is Rainlands Legit?

Is Rainlands.co.uk Legit?

  • Rainlands.co.uk The creation date is17th the 17th of June in 2021. 10:00:00.
  • Rainlands.co.uk Age:eight months and fifteen days old.
  • Rainlands.co.uk is last modified on17th June 2021 , at 00:00.
  • Rainlands.co.uk Expiry date: 17.06.2022 the time of 00:00:00.
  • Trust Index:Rainlands.co.uk has a poor trust score of 6percent.
  • Origin:Censored.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 0/100, a positive sign.
  • Scam Score2/100 Positive indicator.
  • Spam Score0/100 A positive indication.
  • Risk Profile2/100 Positive indication.
  • The Malware score is0/100 Positive indicator.
  • Situation of BlacklistingRainlands.co.uk is not blacklisted.
  • Connection SecurityRainlands.co.uk transmits data using HTTPS connections.
  • Rainlands Reviews via Contact Person: unspecified by Rainlands.co.uk.
  • Social Relations:Rainlands.co.uk is not on social media.
  • Owner’s contact: Censored.


Rainlands.co.uk appeared on the internet in the year 2000 but was unable to establish reputation and trust among customers as shown from their Alexa rank and the trust score. Rainlands.co.uk has 567 different kinds of clothes and accessories for both women and men. The top-selling items include:

  • Retro Ankle Boots Zipper-Up
  • Waterproof Windproof Winter Outdoor Jacket
  • Slingback Orthopedic Sport Sandals Washable
  • Women’s Walking Shoes that are super soft
  • Outdoor Boots Insulated
  • Mid-Engine Boots Vintage Leather
  • Sneaker for running Sneaker
  • Sunburst Jacket Rainbow
  • Unisex Mules Slippers Waterproof
  • Eskimo Boots

Rainlands Reviews and an analysis of Rainlands.co.uk revealed that the content was copied in the form of Statrendy.com, Grasvip.com and NiceWeiss.com This raises questions as to its authenticity.


  • Buy clothing and accessories at: https://www.rainlands.co.uk/
  • Social Media URLs:not included on Rainlands.co.uk.
  • Cost: between $26.67 to $93.39.
  • Physical AddressLandbase Trading Co., 1st floor Beaconsfield Msam-40, junction#2. Beaconsfield A355. Windsor Dr, Beaconsfield, Bucking Hamshire, England-HP92SE.
  • customer reviews and Blogs:not present on Rainlands.co.uk.
  • Terms and Conditionsmentioned however, it was copied from various websites on Rainlands.co.uk.
  • Questions and help: Present on Rainlands.co.uk
  • privacy policymentioned however copied and republished from various websites on Rainlands.co.uk and a negative highlight to verify is Rainlands legitimate ?
  • phone (or) WhatsApp phone numberOnly Contact number 447723598988 Contact number is 447723598988on Rainlands.co.uk.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Locator of stores: Rainlands.co.uk didn’t provide the address of its stores.
  • delivery:Rainlands.co.uk did not mention the timeframe for delivery.
  • shipping:Rainlands.co.uk has a processing time of 4 days.
  • TrackingThe tracker number is sent to you by Rainlands.co.uk after the order has been delivered.
  • Refund PolicyOrders may be cancelled through Rainlands.co.uk prior to delivery.
  • Return policy:timeline to return items is 14 days. Customers should get in touch with Rainlands.co.uk customer service to inquire about returns policies.
  • ReturnsRainlands.co.uk didn’t provide deadlines for refunds. Once a refund has been approved , an email confirmation is sent by Rainlands.co.uk which is a negative signal to confirm is Rainlands legitimate?
  • Modal payment:PayPal, Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Discover and DinnersClub in 15 currencies.
  • newslettersAn subscriber to email is required to get emails from Rainlands.co.uk.
  • Owner’s details: Censored.


  • Rainlands.co.uk offered detailed descriptions of its products as well as images of the products.
  • Huge selection of stylish and famous clothes and accessories available at Rainlands.co.uk
  • Rainlands.co.uk offers discounted prices and purchase more for special discounts.


  • The address that is listed on Rainlands.co.uk is fake, and was found on numerous scam websites.
  • The return timeframe is misrepresented by the 45-day timeframe on Rainlands.co.uk
  • The delivery timeframe is not specified on Rainlands.co.uk

Customer Reviews determining Is Rainlands Legit:

Five reviews on websites and one YouTube review of Rainlands.co.uk indicate that it’s fraudulent. Rainlands.co.uk has a zero rank on Alexa.

Five hundred five customer reviews posted on a reputable site rated Rainlands.co.uk with 1.1/5 stars. A majority of customers complain that they did not get their order, some customers who received the package were required to pay a postage charge for returning the item and the goods were delivered from China.

There aren’t any product reviews on Rainlands.co.uk and other websites, or social media channels for Rainlands.co.uk.

As Rainlands.co.uk is a processor of PayPal payment, Read about PayPal Diddles to avoid scams.to stay clear of scams.


Rainlands.co.uk is a fraud that provides a false answer to Are Rainlands Legit? Customers have complained of not receiving the items they ordered from Rainlands.co.uk. Furthermore, the website has a poor Alexa Ranking and Trust Index. We would not recommend Rainlands.co.uk since its registration is set to expire in three months and 13 days.

As Rainlands.co.uk handles CreditCards, Read about plastic money scams to stay clear of the scam.

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