Is Raywinds Scam Short as per Raywinds Spam

This Is Raywinds Scam post will give you a brief overview of online shopping websites, and update you on the legitimacy of the site.

Are you looking for products for your bathroom, or fancy materials to make you feel elegant? Are you familiar with Raywinds’ online store? You can shop it online here if you don’t have it yet. This website is well-known by the United States. Let’s be clear: Raywinds Scam or not? This site is helpful for buyers.

Please read this post for all the latest information about the site.

Is this website legit?

Online shopping is a popular choice for today’s generation. It’s easy to order online from your mobile phone by simply visiting a website and placing an order. This online shopping option is popular because it saves customers valuable time. Online shopping can be dangerous because customers may encounter problems on the site or get trapped in scams. Raywinds shop can be trusted or dangerous; how do you know if this website is safe?

Raywinds Review will help our users determine if a website is genuine or fake. We will provide the truthful details to our readers in this post. Please take a moment to read these details and evaluate the honesty and accuracy of the online store.

  • Website Registration May 17, 2022 is the Raywinds registration day. This site was created two months ago.
  • Registrar Raywinds shop can be registered through 123Reg Limited
  • Trust Factor Raywinds website has a trust factor two percent. This shop is not trustworthy and you should not place an order.
  • Buyer’s ReviewRaywinds Scam comments on their collections are absent and empty.
  • Social accounts – It is not available on all social media platforms. This site does not have any social media accounts.
  • Customers Policies – This section contains information about the policies of the website, which gives users an authentic look.
  • Missing Information: While location, address and email are listed on a layout of the site, details about the owner and number are missing.
  • Data security Although it allows the use of HTTPS, it doesn’t guarantee total security. Please be careful when transmitting data.

Short as per Raywinds Spam

Raywinds is an online store. Their website promises to sell many items. Website items are often priced at a fraction of their actual cost. There are discounts on these low-cost products, which raises suspicions. They display these products on their official website:

  • Bathroom mirror
  • Towel for the bath
  • Boots
  • Led light

Raywinds Site

Buy a bathroom mirror from https://www.raywinds.com/

  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Company Address Info: 267 Columbus Ave., New York, 10023. United States
  • Phone Number: +91 929-508 0295
  • Is Raywinds Scam states that this shite has no relevant customer reviews or feedback.
  • Return Policy This site offers a 30-day return policy.
  • Shipping Policy – The order will be delivered within 4 to 5 business days.
  • Payment Mode: Mastercard, Visa, and Debit card

Positive Highlights

  • You can access email address, phone number and details about your company.
  • They don’t charge tax
  • Customer support 24/7.

Negative Highlights

  • Anonymized details about the owner’s name remain.
  • The official site does not have a feedback section.
  • Social media accounts are absent

Raywinds Reviews

This website does not have any reviews. The type of collection that is available on this site does not have any reviews. The website does not have a social media page. This means that it is not available on social media. Because the owner of this website is unknown, we couldn’t find their name. The layout page displayed the owner’s name, phone number, email address, details about the address, and the location.

This website has a low Alexa rank. Raywinds website is not recommended for purchase. This article will also provide information about credit card scams

Final verdict

This post on Is Raywinds Scam summarizes that this website was registered only two and a quarter months ago. This website has a low trust rating. We do not recommend this site. You can also find information on PayPal scamming consumers here.