Is Rigshr Scam or Legit :- Specifications

Are you an online shopper looking for Halloween sales on a digital platform. Do you have musical instruments, drawer tools, and tool grinders on your shopping list? Rigshr, an online marketplace with a large merchandise selection for digital shoppers in The United States, is Rigshr.

This platform offers a variety of utility products, with the Halloween sale lowering the price up to half off. We have been investigating this website to determine Is Rigshr Scam? .

Rigshr Legit Parameters

  • It is a website that has been online for eight months and was registered 18 April 2022.
  • After eight months, the website has been inactive.
  • The site’s trust score is 2%. This indicates that it is a questionable website.
  • Rigshr does not have a social media presence.
  • There are no customer reviews about this store on the public review sites.
  • The Rigshr domain expires on 18 April 2023.
  • It appears that the image and text content on this website were copied from a scam site.
  • The platform’s website does not include the owner’s information.
  • Rigshr Review trust index is 39.6%.
  • It has a threat profile that is 46/100.

About Rigshr website:

Rigshr Shop is an online shop that sells accessories and utility items in various categories. The platform has over 1000 pages of merchandise. It is not possible to find the item you are looking for because the website does not properly categorize it. Below are some of the products that were sold through this platform.

  • Turf Tire four ply
  • Rechargeable kettle
  • Projector for TV
  • Toolkit
  • A cooking stove
  • Lego toys
  • Spa and water pumps

Let’s take a look at the features, pros and cons of to see if it’s a scam or legit.


  • Domain name – rigshr.shop
  • Address of the site – https://www.rigshr.shop
  • Mail Address – [email protected]
  • Permanent Address – Southwest 42nd Terrace Miami, Florida 33155, United States
  • Newsletter – available
  • Shipping method – 10-15 days for product delivery.
  • Refund Time – 7 Days
  • Return Time – 30 Days
  • Payment method PayPal gateway
  • Contact number: +1 330 942 7240

Positives from the Rigshr Shop Website:

  • It offers free shipping services for its clients.
  • Standard practices in the ecommerce industry include a thirty-day return policy and a seven-day refund period.
  • Is a Scam or Legit ? believes email addresses and phone numbers will assist shoppers in resolving any queries they may have about the store.
  • The website mentions the physical address, which is a positive sign for the store.

Negatives from the Rigshr Shop Portal:

  • This website has a low trust rating and index, which is the first sign that it’s a fraudulent store.
  • After eight months, Alexa ranks at zero. This indicates that there has been no traffic to the platform.
  • Another sign that a website is not trustworthy is the absence of customer reviews on review sites.
  • The site does not contain the owner’s information.
  • This store does not have a social media presence.

Rigshr Review:

Although the website is only eight months old, it still has zero Alexa rank. This domain has not been reviewed by any customers.

Although this website allows customers to leave feedback on products purchased through its platform, we couldn’t find any reviews. You can read about the PayPal payment scam by clicking here.

Final verdict:

The Rigshr.shop website does not have many legitimate details. We recommend online shoppers to avoid this website and instead purchase from a legitimate website.