Are you searching for the latest designs for unisex t-shirts? If the answer is yes you’ve probably looked into the Shirtclear shop.

The shop needs to offer high-end, trendy and classic t-shirts for an affordable price that customers can manage to. However, prior to putting the knot, we would like to know if you looked into its credibility? While there is a huge controversy around America about this shop, it is important to know the facts. United States regarding the shop, determining its authenticity is a task all shoppers must be able to do.

So, Is Shirtclear Legit? Let’s figure out the answer.

Examining the value of Shirtclear Shop:

Certain important factors must be taken into consideration when determining the credibility of any online store. Below, you’ll learn about the key factors that will give you an accurate understanding of this website.

  • Domain Name The raw data indicates that the domain name is SHIRTCLEAR.COM.
  • Operator Information: The website is managed by shirtclear.
  • Trust Index Score: It’s horrible; at present it’s only got one percent of the Trust Index.
  • Address authenticity: This address is genuine. However, the company’s details are not there.
  • Feedback: Unavailability of Shirtclear Reviews.
  • Domain Age Domain Age: The age of this shop is about one month, 10 days. According to the data the date was the 8th of January in 2022.
  • Social Connection: The company were unable to not access any information regarding its social media account.
  • Missing Details: Cancellation policy.
  • The Payment Method: A variety of methods are offered.
  • Plagiarism: 24 per cent is duplicate data, while 19 percent is normal data.
  • Pages that have been skipped A total of 7 Pages have been identified thus that point.
  • Non-clickable Links Total of 18 links are identified.

The site was recently featured on E-commerce news media and numerous flaws were found.

What exactly is Shirtclear Shop?

Inquiring if is Shirtclear legitimate is true or not. found that the website is selling T-shirts that are unisex. There’s a landing page and an All Collection page, where you can view the available products. The only thing that isn’t so great is the collection of products is bare. Two products are featured on the homepage along with the selection. In general, online stores carry vast selection of products, however in this instance, just two products are on the store. Additionally, the products are offered with sizes and descriptions, with only one product photo. Because the products aren’t presented with multiple photos Buyers may face issues when buying the item.


  • Feedback Review: None Shirtclear reviews are available.
  • Contact email: [email protected].
  • URL:
  • Physical Address: 717-S, Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, CA-90014, United States.
  • The process for cancellation: The decision cancelling the policy is not clear.
  • Phone Number: +1 689-204-1199
  • Shipping Information: Depending on the official guidelines The shipping time is between 7 and 15 days.
  • Charges: The shop will not charge any fee for the shipping cost.
  • Return Policy: According to the official data, customers have approximately 30 days to return their purchased product.
  • Refund Process: You’re only eligible to apply for the refund process once the authority has approved the process.
  • Does Shirtclear count as Legit The problem is that it’s fresh.
  • Payment Gateways: Discover, Amex, Visa, JCB, Apple Pay, Mastercard.
  • Exchanging Process: You may independently purchase the item you require and then return the product you ordered.

The benefits that come with making use of Shirtclear:

  • The site sells trendy, T-shirts to all.
  • It is the secure version, which is it is the HTTPS version on the web.
  • Multiple payment system.
  • Free shipping is offered.

The drawbacks of the use of Shirtclear:

  • There is no account on the community media.
  • Poor trust rating.
  • Review isn’t even a thing.
  • Information about the cancellation process isn’t available, making it difficult to say if it’s accessible or not.
  • Foreign shipping is not an option.

Consumers’ opinions on “Is Shirtclear Legit?”

We checked and did not find any comments available on the website. It’s possible that the website was recently added to the index, however, we could not find any promotion on any of the external blogs. Furthermore, the site hasn’t been incorporated into one of the platforms for social networking, and this is very alarming.

After our investigation it is clear that the review on the website is not available in the present. Thus, you can use other websites that offer services for buying T-shirts. Also, you can read the procedure to get refunds from PayPal in the event that you’ve encountered fraud.

Final Verdict:

Is Shirtclear Legit? The store is brand new, but has a lot of suspicions including fewer product lines as well as a few policies that are not in place and the trust score is low. It is not present on social media sites, no reviews and so on. Therefore, it’s best to check out this site once it has earned goodwill in the marketplace. Also, look into the methods for getting refunds for credit cards. Did you find this information useful? Do you have any suggestions.