Is Snmstore Scam Is Snmstore.com Legal?

Did you know that content of the ‘About Us’ section and its mission statement is copied from lazia.store/about-us/ and www.mosben.in/about-us, proving it a fake website? Scam by Snmstore? Please see the review.

Is Snmstore.com Legal?

  • Snmstore Creation at16 May 2022 at 4:00:03.
  • Trust ScoreSnmstore has a low Trust Score of 1%. This makes it a SCAM.
  • Snmstore age:one and two days.
  • Snmstore Last update on:16th Mai 2022 at 4:24.30
  • Snmstore Expiry at 4:23 PM, May 20, 2023
  • Snmstore Life Expectancy:expires in ten months and twenty nine days.
  • Business Ranking:Snmstore receives a terrible business ranking of 1.9%
  • Origin:Snmstore registered in the USA.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 43%.
  • Threat Profile88%
  • Phishing Score85%
  • Malware Score88%
  • Spam Score 52%.
  • Snmstore Review Status of Blacklisting Snmstore is still available.
  • SSL StatusIP The SSL certificate is valid for the next 331 days.
  • Security:Snmstore uses a valid HTTPS protocol.
  • Contact person:unspecified at Snmstore
  • Social relations:Snmstore cannot be found on social media.
  • Owner’s Identity and Contact: Oscar Flores is the owner of Snmstore, and his email is [email protected].


Snmstore.com, a brand new e-store, sells clothing, shoes, and accessories including:

  • 120 clothes and accessories
  • 120 brand-name shoes

Further analysis of Snmstore reveals that it copied the website design, content, and products of niwshop.com. Snmstore’s physical address is not unique and can be found on many fraudulent websites.

Features determining Is Snmstore Scam

  • Buy clothing, shoes and accessories at: https://www.snmstore.com/.
  • Social media links:unspecified at Snmstore.
  • Price: between $12.00 and $79.00
  • Physical Address: #71 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, England-WC2H9JQ.
  • Phone number (or) WhatsApp number:unspecified on Snmstore.
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Customer Reviews and Blogs:not supported By Snmstore.
  • Terms & Conditions: Mentioned, but plagiarized by Snmstore.
  • Privacy policy Mentioned, but plagiarized by Snmstore
  • Store locator Snmstore didn’t include physical addresses for its shops.
  • Delivery Policy Snmstore delivers standard orders in nine days, and expedited orders in five days. This is to verify if Scam ?
  • Shipping Policy: Snmstore ships orders via UPS and FedEx within two days.
  • Tracking – To track an order, contactSnmstore customer support.
  • Cancellation Policy:unspecified on Snmstore.
  • Restocking Fee:unspecified by Snmstore
  • Exchange Policy at Snmstore:unspecified
  • Return Policy at Snmstore:unspecified
  • Policy on Refunds:unspecified at Snmstore.
  • Payment Mode: via PayPal in US$ Only
  • Newsletters:published at Snmstore.
  • FAQ and Help:Unspecified on Snmstore.


  • Snmstore has a large selection of clothing, accessories, and branded shoes
  • Snmstore’s interface is user-friendly and allows for sorting, filtering, and searching criteria.
  • Snmstore includes detailed product descriptions, specifications, and images
  • Snmstore offers a 100% authenticity guarantee on all of its products


  • A business account does not require the owner to email.
  • The physical address is false as it doesn’t show Snmstore. It is used by thousands fraudulent businesses and multiple fake websites.
  • Fake physical address and unspecified number make it difficult to reach customer service.
  • PayPal is the only payment method accepted
  • Product pages state that returns are allowed on all items. However, Snmstore does not specify a return policy or timeline. Is Snmstore a Scam ?
  • The total order amount payable can be reduced by applying coupons automatically and bringing it down to 3.5% of its total value

Customers Snmstore.com Review:

Snmstore has a Zero Alexa Rank. Snmstore.com has been reviewed on YouTube and nine websites. Snmstore accepts PayPal. To avoid being swindled by scammers online, Learn About Online PayPal Fraud

Snmstore.com does not support product reviews. One user reviewed Snmstore.com and gave it a rating of 1/5 stars. Snmstore.com received no reviews on social media.


Snmstore.com is a Scam. Snmstore.com is a scam with a very short life expectancy. It has a poor Trust, Alexa and Website Ranking. Snmstore was very high in Suspicion and Threat, Phishing and Malware profiles. This is dangerous for users’ data and devices. Customers complained that they did not receive an acknowledgement of delivery via the internet. Please Read About Credit Card Fraud To Protect Yourself From Plastic Money Scams.