Is Sofobw Scam Sofobw Review:

Are you more comfortable placing furniture orders online? Is Sofobw a legit online platform? What is this portal offering? This article provides some clear answers to those who want to explore the Sofobw ends.

Sofobw, an online furniture trading platform, is based in the United States. It has been popularized in Canada and elsewhere in the world. To find out Is SOFOBW Scam , and whether this platform is safe to order from, please read the headers.

Legitimacy factors for the Platform:

The authenticity of the online platform plays an important role in determining whether it is safe to place orders. Sofobw, an online furniture portal, is described in the headers. Scroll down to see all the details.

  • Domain Age for the Platform – Sofobw was registered eight months ago on the 13th of September 2021. The same domain will expire on the 13th September 2022.
  • Sofobw Review: This website and portal link are not directed to the same.
  • Information about the Portal Owner: We have lost the contact number and address for Sofobw.
  • Social Media Availability: This website does not have any social media accounts.
  • Trust Score for Sofobw – It has a score of less than 10%. This indicates that there are still higher risks associated with it.
  • Name of the Portal: Although the website domain has been registered with Sofobw the original name for this platform was Costo Wholesale.
  • Policies for the Portal: There are some essential facts that are missing.

Is Sofobw a Scam Basic Information for the Portal:

These authenticity factors have provided an indication about the site’s safety. Let’s find out more about the website and its basic functions. You can find a variety of patio furniture sets for sale, including patio conversation sets, patio dining sets, sectionals and patio bistro sets.

These products can be purchased at up to 50% off. The measurements and details of some products are also listed. Scroll down to see the specifications of the portal for more information about Is Scam.

Specifications For Sofobw:

  • Website: Find patio furniture sets and other related products on this website.
  • URL: https://sofobw.com/
  • Contact Number: This number is not available on the platform.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: No details found.
  • Shipping time: It depends on the destination.
  • Shipping Cost: No information found.
  • Delivery depends on the address of delivery.
  • Returns/Refunds: Provides a 14-day return policy.
  • Cancellation: Can be made before orders are shipped.
  • Payment methods: VISA, JCB and Discover. Diners Club, Mastercard.

These specifications help you get a better understanding of the website. Let’s move on to an objective view for Sofobw, which will provide more information about Scam.

Positive Aspects of the Platform:

  • Sofobw accepts payment via multiple methods from its customers.
  • Customers can cancel orders on the website before they ship.

Negative aspects for the Portal:

  • Website names and domain names are not the same.
  • The platform allows you to register an email with a third party name.
  • It is not possible to provide details about the website’s shipping, returns, and refund policies.
  • The portal does not have delivery details.
  • The platform does not contain contact information for the portal.

Sofobw Review:

We have not yet received any reviews for the website that we are referring to in this article. The website has been in operation for eight months, but has yet to receive reviews from customers. The website appears suspicious as it hasn’t recorded any sales yet or customers haven’t rated their orders.

Similar websites could be a target for scams such as HTML3_ and HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_, along with other potential threats. Before you confirm your order, make sure to check all details.

Final Verdict:

We have looked at all details about the website to find out more about Scam Answers. This is because the website does not have any reviews from customers yet and it is missing its social media presence.

To find out more, visit the Homepage of Sofobw. Comment below on this article.