Is the rise in female gamblers a concern? 

The emergence of online gambling has seen a rise in the number of women gambling, with many more around the world having started to play a host of games due to the increased accessibility that they have been provided.

As a result, it appears that there are a number of concerns to have been raised recently, with research conducted in the United Kingdom finding some rather worrying information that has come to light.

Concerning data to have been uncovered

According to the data found, it appears that approximately one million women are struggling with harmful gambling as mobile casinos have made it easier than ever to access casino games as a variety of portable devices such as smartphones and tablets can now be used.

Additionally, findings are said to have uncovered that six in ten women are gambling at the moment, with activities including playing the lottery, going to a physical casino, or placing bets whilst online, whilst one in ten of those females are believed to be suffering a level of harm as a result, with an impact to their health being experienced such as a level of stress or anxiety being developed, whilst some have admitted to borrowing money in order to fund it.

Moreover, data has suggested that the number of women receiving treatment for gambling has doubled over the last five years, having jumped from 1,134 in 2015/16 to 2,423 in 2020/21 – although there are claims by the NHS that many more than the figure reported need help.

What are the key indicators to have been highlighted?

There are a couple of key indicators that have been revealed by experts that should be used to try and identify if there are any warning signs that suggest a gambling problem could be triggered in the near future.

One of those to have been identified is when an individual is losing track of time, as this could suggest that they do not have control over what they are doing. Additional indicators to have been identified include spending more than they can afford and keeping their gambling secret.

Naturally, the last two can be rather difficult to spot, as there is a stigma that still exists and may be experienced.

Online operators do have a responsibility

In order to try and limit the damage that gambling can have on an individual, there are a number of protocols and rules to have been put in place that is designed to try and help eliminate or reduce the chance of any issues from occurring.

Indeed, operators are required by law to implement a number of responsible gambling methods and techniques in order to try and help protect their members as much as possible. Various tools have been made available, including self-exclusion and deposit limits, whilst a number of independent resources have also been made available that can be used to try and help a player when they feel there is a problem beginning to form.