James Cooper Makeup Artist The cause of death is:

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Did you hear about the passing of a very well-known makeup artist? Are you aware of the name of James Cooper is? Are you interested in knowing all the details regarding the latest news? James Cooper is a very famous makeup artist from the Philippines. He was 73-year-old. He was a star in the industry and worked with numerous prominent stars. If you’re keen to find all relevant information regarding James and the reason for his death, make sure you read yourself acquainted with his James Cooper Makeup Artist article. Continue reading.

About James Cooper’s Death:

Diamond Superstar Maricel Soriano, with her niece, actress Meryll Soriano, paid homage to makeup artist James Cooper, who died at the age of 73.

Cooper was pronounced dead during rehearsals for a Santacruz and close to Laguna Sunday. At the time of this writing the estate hasn’t disclosed any further information regarding the funeral. Maricel Cooper, who has worked with Cooper for many years she expressed her appreciation for the makeup artist on Instagram today, 29 May, by sharing an instagram video of their images. Numerous other stars also paid gratitude to the famous makeup artist and his amazing job and achievements.

James Cooper Makeup Artist:

James Cooper, a grooming specialist from the Philippines has had a fortunate life. In Survival Cooper, he worked with Sylvester and was his initial Philippine makeup artist to work with Hollywood stars.

He worked with famous Beverly Hills hairdresser Jose Eber being the first Philippine to be featured in French Vogue as well as the first to have the LA-based side of his the business. In the 1980s He returned to the Philippines to establish an cosmetics business and choosing his SM Clothes Shop among its outlets, and introducing a brand new perspective on beauty.

This detailed article provides all the necessary information on makeup artist James Cooper as well as his professional career and numerous other aspects that you should know about. James Cooper Makeup Artist.

The cause of death is:

James Cooper, a renowned hairdresser and beauty therapist, passed away from heart attacks. He was 73 at the time of his death. According to reports, James had a heart attack on the morning of preparing for the release of a Santacruzan in the vicinity of Laguna. He was rushed into a nearby hospital in which the doctors tried, but failed, to revive the man. James is an early cosmetic and hair artist that gained fame within Hollywood during the 70s. He created the makeup for Farrah Fawcett as well as many other stars.

His passing is a huge loss for the makeup industry since experience counts significantly. James Cooper Makeup Artist ,was one of the most famous names within the industry of makeup. He set records with his impressive career. We have listed the things we could verify by sources. He was a master artist, and has earned all the attention for his mastery in his art.


We’ve thoroughly analyzed every bit of information that has been that has been verified by reliable sources. This article contains all the details regarding the demise of a well-known makeup artist working in the Philippines. James Cooperwas the first makeup artist with these owners to collaborate with celebrities of a high profile. Find all the details in the article about James Cooper Makeup Artist .