James Shearer Obituary And Cause Of Death How Did James Shearer Died? What Happened to Him?

A heartbreaking incident on Interstate 94, in Wisconsin, shattered the tranquility of a normal Monday evening. The devastating collision that involved multiple vehicles has left a lasting impression on all the communities, but especially Hammond. This article aims to provide more context about the devastating aftermath of this tragedy. James Shearer, who was one of those killed in this collision, is featured.

Who Was James Shearer

James M. Shearer was a Hammond, Wisconsin resident who did not become just another statistic in the tragic accident. The name is a testament to a life lived well, a lifetime of memories made, and the bonds formed. James was a proud UWBC grad. His intellectual pursuits are commendable. James was a wrestler in his youth, and many remember his participation.

James’s career led him to Leedstone where he made a significant contribution. James’ death has stirred an outpouring of emotions among family, friends and colleagues – who all took to social media platforms such as Twitter to express their condolences and recall fondly on their time spent together.

What happened on Interstate 94

A multi-vehicle accident occurred on October 23, 2023. According to Wisconsin State Patrol records it happened near Wilson at around 5:40 pm due to ongoing construction which caused traffic delays on this stretch.

Unknown reasons led a semi-truck driver to fail to notice the slowing traffic in front. In the initial collision, a semi-truck hit a Ford F-150 and then another semi. The initial collision set off a series of events that brought four more vehicles into the chaos. Multiple vehicles were in flames due to the intensity of this collision.

How did James Shearer die?

Two souls perished that night amid the twisted metal, raging flames and burning fires. James Shearer was driving the Ford F-150 which took the brunt of impact from the semi-truck. James Shearer was seriously injured in this accident and the fire that followed. Unfortunately, her semi truck driver died as well. Six others were treated and released from the hospital after receiving medical attention.


This incident is a reminder that life can be unpredictable as the investigation unfolds and his community mourns. Although immediate efforts were focused on clearing accident debris and reopening the blocked sections of highways, its long-term impact will be felt by everyone who knew James Shearer.

Hammond and Shearer families will have a long road to recover from this tragic loss. We can only pray that they find comfort in James’ memory and the support of allies from far and wide during their grief.


  1. Who Was James Shearer
    James Shearer, a UWBC graduate and a resident of Hammond in Wisconsin for many years, was professionally associated with Leedstone.
  2. Where was James Shearer’s accident?
    Multiple vehicles were involved in the fatal accident on Interstate 94 near Wilson in Wisconsin.
  3. What was the cause of the Interstate 94 crash?
    A semi-truck did not recognize the slowed traffic caused by construction. This led to a multi-vehicle accident.
  4. Did the accident cause any other injuries?
    Six people were injured, but later released from hospital.
  5. What was the reaction of the community to James Shearer?
    Hammond’s community has expressed its deepest sorrow via social media. They have recalled cherished memories, and extended condolences for his death to the family.