Jennens Missing How Does Jennens Miss?

This article contains information about Jennens missing. This article will provide information that will help people to search for more information and take recent actions regarding the case.

A picture of a teenage girl circulated online has been seen. The photo of Alexis Jennens, an adolescent girl, has been spread quickly on the internet in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Do you know anything about her disappearance or any other clues? People share her photo on various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram with the hashtags Jennens missing.

How Does Jennens Miss?

Alexis Jennens, a teenage girl aged 15, is from Brisbane, Australia. Last seen at Burpengary on 31 May 2022 at 7:30 AM, she was reported missing.

Her father stated that she was last seen with her daughter in Burpengary wearing black pants and a grey Nike crew neck sweater. Her father has posted a photo of her daughter with a number and a missing person alert.

Why are Jennens Noting Brisbane Trending?

The missing person alert has been opened and the photo of the girl as well as details about her last appearance online are being shared rapidly. Daryl Jennens, her father panicked after she vanished without giving any clues or words and began to search for his daughter in every way he could.

Her father apologised to all her connections for posting so many things at once, but he stated that he is short on the platform and believes people are more active online so they can help as quickly as possible in this instance through spreading awareness.

Jennens Missing– Details-

Alexis is 15 years old. Her full name is Alexis Jennens. She was last seen in Burpengary, North Brisbane. Last seen wearing black pants and a Nike Crew neck gray jumper. According to the sources, she did not have any other belongings.

A few details about Alexis’ appearance have also been circulated, including a photo and measurements. Alexis is described at 145cm in height. Alexis is slim and tall with long, light brown hair. Her eyes are blue and her nails are long, baby pink. This is being shared with Jennens missing Brisbanehashtags so it can be more visible on social media and make people more aware.

Daryl Jennens shared his number on all platforms, so he can be notified as soon as possible if someone comes up with details. You can reach him at 0413 511 229. If you have any information, please call 1800 333 000, the Crime Stoppers Helpline.


Jennens Missing launched an online awareness campaign after a 15-year-old girl disappeared from Brisbane. People are asked to help her search for the missing teenager, who was last seen in North Brisbane.

Many claim to have seen her on the same timeline as she broadcasts the message online.