Read this article for complete details about Jerry West Lakers Coach who was a basketball player in the past. He also played as a coach on his team.

Are you a basketball fan? Do you admire the famous basketball players of yesteryear? Do you admire their games? Are you keen on finding out more information about them? So, take a look at this article with no delay to get the necessary details.

In our report today we’ve talked about an athlete who is renowned. Basketball fans from all over of the world, particularly in the United States, are eager to learn details about this former basketball player. Therefore, keep reading to learn more details about Jerry West Lakers Coach.

Who is Jerry West?

Jerry West is a former American basketball player. In his time as a professional, he was a player for the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the teams of the umbrella of NBA (National Basketball Association).

Jerry West took birth in 1938 in West Virginia. After the death of his brother during the Korean War, he had traumatized childhood. He was weak physically and emotionally , and was unable to enjoy the same freedom as the other kids in case getting injured.

He also secretly shot baskets in front of his neighbour’s net. He began to develop a passion for the sport at a young age, and eventually became Jerry West Lakers Coach later on.

He also showcased his basketball skills at the high school that he attended. He was awarded the West Virginia player of the year throughout the school year due to his record-breaking performances. In his college days, Jerry West played numerous games and scored many points.

Achievements of Jerry West in Professional Basketball

Jerry West was selected in the Los Angeles Lakers per the draft of 1960. Although his teammates laughed of his accent and origins but they soon began to admire his talents. He was extremely controlled when playing defense. He passed his skills on to younger players later on as he became Jerry West Lakers Coach later.

Additionally, Jerry West could jump vertically up to 16 inches, and was a star in basketball. The man was extremely meticulous, and committed to his sport. He also was recognized for his dazzling performance in the final moments of games. So, he was known as Mr. Clutch which means he played brilliantly in tight spaces.

Jerry West was the co-captain for his team during the time they won the gold medal at the 60th Olympics. Between 1964 and 1968 he was the main player for the Los Angeles Lakers. Additionally they won the Lakers were winners of an NBA championship in 1971 and 1972 and Jerry West contributed significantly, even though he suffered injuries.

Jerry West Lakers Coach

Mr. Clutch played his final NBA game in the season 1973-74. Following that, he was the coach of players from the year 1976 until 1979. The Lakers had 145 wins in NBA games under his direction. The team also made it to the playoffs throughout the seasons.

The Current TV Series

Recently the TV show titled Winning Time broadcast its first episode on HBO. The show is connected to the history and the growth that is Lakers Los Angeles Lakers. Jason Clarke, an Australian actor, is playing Jerry West in the series.


In light of the new HBO series, viewers are seeking out more information on Jerry West Lakers Coach on the Internet. He is certainly worth knowing about as Jerry Westwas an exceptional player and a dedicated coach. Fans of basketball and the fraternity members will remember his athletic skills to this day.

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