Jim Harbaugh Ex-Wife Miah Who is She? Has Jim Harbaugh Married Twice?

Jim Harbaugh is a legend in American football. Harbaugh has had a remarkable journey. From his early days as an enthusiastic young football player to his current position as head coach for Michigan Wolverines, Harbaugh is known for demonstrating dedication, resilience and passion in all facets of football.

Who is Jim Harbaugh, and what does he do?

Jim Harbaugh started playing football when he was a child. His consistency and dedication made him a valuable asset to any football team he touched. Jim’s unmatched commitment made him one of the best quarterbacks to ever grace American gridiron football teams.

It was evident in his early years that this youngster had exceptional talent and a keen sense of the game. Signs pointing to greatness!

How has Harbaugh’s early years influenced his career?

Jim Harbaugh developed his skills during college football at Michigan from 1983-1986 before transitioning into professional league play with Chicago Bears of National Football League. Harbaugh earned recognition during this period by being selected in their draft in first round due to outstanding performance during this time. The Chicago Bears selected Jim in this first-round selection as reward.

Harbaugh’s outstanding success in the NFL

Harbaugh’s NFL career spanned 14 seasons, from 1987 to 2000. Harbaugh held positions on respected teams such as the Chicago Bears Indianapolis Colts Baltimore Ravens and San Diego Chargers during this period. He became an integral member of each. In the first decade, he was the starter quarterback for Chicago Bears. But 1995 was a particularly memorable year when he led Indianapolis Colts to AFC Championship Game. He earned both Comeback Player and Pro Bowl awards.

What triggered Harbaugh’s transition from player to coach?

Harbaugh is known for his legendary gameplay but few know that he began coaching as an NFL player. His role at Western Kentucky University shifted between unpaid assistant and unpaid assistant from 1995-2001 as his father was head coach of that team. After his retirement, he entered the full-time coaching world as the quarterbacks’ coach for Oakland Raiders in 2002. This marked a new chapter in Harbaugh’s football story.

Harbaugh’s College Coaching career:

Harbaugh was back in college football by 2004, this time as the head coach of University of San Diego Toreros from 2004 to 2006. From 2004 to 2006, the team thrived under his leadership. Harbaugh was then named head coach at Stanford Cardinal in 2007 and held this position until 2010.

Harbaugh Enters NFL as a Head Coach

Harbaugh’s return to NFL coaching was markedly auspicious in 2011. He assumed the head coaching duties with San Francisco 49ers between 2011 and 2014, a period marked by many memorable moments.

Harbaugh and Michigan Wolverines Revamp

Harbaugh returned to Michigan as its head football coach, marking an endpoint to his journey. Later that same month he secured himself as the Wolverines head coach. He brought both his expertise and passion back where his journey began.

Who was Harbaugh’s ex-wife?

Miah Harbaugh is Harbaugh’s former wife. They met in Orlando while playing NFL before parting ways 10 years later. This experience remains central to Harbaugh’s history and legacy.

Who is Sarah Feuerborn, and what does she do?

Harbaugh has found a new love after his divorce from Miah. He married Sarah Feuerborn in 2008 from Belton Missouri. She has been a star in Hollywood for many years through her TV shows and films.

Jim Harbaugh has had an inspiring journey both on and off of the field. From being an inexperienced quarterback all the way to one of America’s premier coaches with its inevitable ups and downs is testament to his passion and perseverance.


  1. What is the ex-wife of Jim Harbaugh?
    • Miah Harbaugh is the name of Jim Harbaugh’s ex-wife. They were married between 1999 and 2006.
  2. How did Jim Harbaugh and Miah Hartbaugh meet each other?
    • During Jim’s NFL tenure, they reportedly met at Orlando.
  3. How long have Jim and Miah been married?
    • Jim Harbaugh and Miah Harbaugh married in 2006, after a seven-year marriage.
  4. Jim and Miah, do they have children?
    • The latest information has not mentioned any specifics regarding children born from the union.
  5. When Jim Harbaugh married again after divorce from Miah
    • Jim Harbaugh married Sarah Feuerborn in 2008, after a divorce with Miah.