Jim Norton Wife Is Comedian Jim Norton Still Married? Everything We Know So Far

Jim Norton hails from Bayonne in New Jersey and has become one of the foremost comedy, radio, and entertainment artists during his 30-year career. Starting as an author then transitioning to radio personality/comedian then radio host/personality/hoster; all roles which demonstrate why he remains so highly esteemed today.

Key DetailInformation
NameJim Norton
ProfessionComedian, Radio Personality, Actor, Author, Host
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse’s nameSharon
Also known asComedy, Radio Shows, Acting, Books

Evolution of a comedian

Norton began dreaming about becoming a comedian at twelve and performed his inaugural stand-up routine at 21, calling it an awful experience despite initially thinking otherwise. Yet this experience ultimately proved beneficial as he progressed closer toward realising his dream career path. Norton spent the next few years honing his skills, touring different cities and learning from peers like Jim Florentine or Bob Levy.

In 1997, the famous Andrew Dice Clay chose him to be his opening act. The collaboration was a turning-point, and Norton launched his Netflix comedy special “A Mouthful of Shame”, in 2017. Norton’s unique style of humor, which is often based on self-deprecation and sarcasm, has resonated with many people, making him an important force in the comedy circuit.

The Radio Days: Opie and Anthony To SiriXM

Norton’s candid and insightful contributions led him to become a regular, co-hosting shows and expanding his portfolio with “Jim Norton & Sam Roberts” on SiriusXM Radio and “The Chip Chipperson Podcast.” He became a regular on SiriusXM Radio, and expanded his portfolio by co-hosting “Jim Norton & Sam Roberts.”

Norton’s radio ventures gave him a chance to talk about a variety of topics, ranging from his music tastes on “Ozzy’s Boneyard”, to the complex dynamics of UFC in “UFC Unfiltered With Matt Serra.”

Jim Norton: His Roles and Contributions

Norton’s radio and comedy work is well-known, but his recent forays into the world of acting have given him a new dimension to an already impressive career. His portrayal of Don Rickles, a young man in “The Irishman”, at Robert De Niro’s request is notable. It was without auditioning! He was immediately recognized for his talent!

Jim Norton’s versatility is evident in his many roles, from hosting HBO’s “Down and Dirty With Jim Norton” to appearing on sitcoms like “Lucky Louie”. These performances showcase his talent and dedication to the entertainment industry.

Writing and Personal Reflections

Norton’s candid and raw writing style has endeared him to readers, offering a deeper understanding of the man behind the laughter. Readers have been captivated by his candid, raw writing style. It allows them to get a better understanding of the man who is behind the laughter.

Who is Norton Wife?

Norton’s private life is relatively secretive. Norton was born in 1968 to librarian mother and marine father who also worked as postal driver; raised in North Brunswick, New Jersey alongside Tracy. Now married to Sharon; however details surrounding their relationship remain private as Norton wishes to keep certain aspects of his personal life hidden from public view.

Jim Norton’s Lasting Legacy

Jim Norton has an estimated net worth of $7 Million and has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments since leaving New Jersey to become an industry icon in entertainment and comedy. His journey stands as testament to perseverance, adaptability and unyielding devotion for art itself. As audiences around the world continue to enjoy his live and online performances, Jim Norton will remain a part of comedy history.


  1. Who Is Jim Norton?
    Jim Norton is a well-known American comedian, radio host, author, podcast host, actor and podcaster. He is known for his self-deprecating humor, as well as other entertainment ventures.
  2. How does Jim Norton relate to “Opie and Anthony?”
    Norton’s national exposure was enhanced by his role as third mic in the radio show “Opie and Anthony”. He played a significant part from 2001 until 2014.
  3. Has Jim Norton ever written a book?
    Jim Norton wrote two books titled, “Happy Endings : The Tales of a meaty-breasted zilch” (and “I Hate Your Guts”) that offer insights into his comedic life.
  4. When did Jim Norton begin his career as a comedian?
    In 1990, Norton started his career as a comedian by performing at Varsity Pub in Sayreville (New Jersey).
  5. Does Jim Norton have Netflix specials?
    Jim Norton’s unique comedy style was showcased in a Netflix special entitled “A Mouthful Of Shame” released in 2017.
  6. Who’s the wife of Jim Norton?
    Jim Norton is married. His wife’s name is Sharon. The details of their relationship are kept relatively secret.