Julia Fox on Dating Kanye West ‘Feels Like Raising Another Child’

The world of celebrity relationships is always intriguing. When two well-known personalities come together, the intrigue multiplies. One such whirlwind romance that took the world by storm was between Julia Fox and Kanye West. But like many high-profile affairs, it was short-lived. Let’s dive deeper into the relationship dynamics and revelations shared by Fox about her time with the rapper.

Relationship DurationEarly 2022
Initial MeetingEarly 2022, after Julia’s split from Peter Artemiev
Public AppearancesMultiple outings and events in early 2022
Challenges Faced by JuliaDescribed relationship with Kanye as having a ‘second baby’
Concerns Raised by JuliaFelt used as a “publicity stunt”, especially with extravagant gift-giving
End of RelationshipEnded after Kanye’s act of gifting designer bags to Julia’s friends
Post-relationship StatusAnnounced intention to remain friends and collaborators
Key Revelations SourceJulia Fox’s appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show” and her memoir, ‘Down the Drain’

Who is Julia Fox?

Julia Fox first made headlines with her performance in Uncut Gems, but beyond this success is also known for being an attentive mother to Valentino who turns two this May. Fox is well known for speaking her mind and always lets it all hang out, evidenced by recent revelations made on “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

How did Julia and Kanye meet?

The beginnings of their relationship trace back to early 2022, soon after Fox’s separation from Peter Artemiev, the father of her son. Their initial interactions, ranging from texts to calls, were filled with the excitement typical of new relationships. These details, elaborately mentioned in Fox’s memoir, provide insight into their steamy first meeting.

What was the dynamic of their relationship?

Being with someone as prolific as Kanye West comes with its own set of challenges. Fox described dating West akin to having a ‘second baby.’ Prioritizing her son, she often found herself juggling between motherhood and maintaining a relationship with West. As she mentioned, Kanye’s frequent desire to talk on the phone often overlapped with her duties as a mother, leading her to multitask with AirPods while attending to her child.

Were there concerns in their relationship?

As their relationship progressed, certain patterns emerged which made Fox apprehensive. Reports suggest that she started feeling like a “publicity stunt” for Kanye. This sentiment intensified when West began showering her with extravagant gifts. Fox’s unease peaked when he offered to finance her breast augmentation surgery. However, the final straw for her was when West gifted designer bags to her friends, asking them to pose with the accessories as he watched, leading Fox to end their relationship the following day.

What’s the current status between Julia and Kanye?

Although their romantic involvement was brief, both parties have expressed their intentions to remain amicable. A representative for Fox emphasized that they ‘remain friends’ and look forward to collaborating in the future. Such amicable splits, especially in the glare of the public eye, are commendable and reflect maturity on both sides.

What can readers expect from Fox’s memoir?

Julia Fox’s ‘Down the Drain,’ released on October 10, is not just about her relationship with Kanye West. However, their romance does occupy a significant portion of the narrative. Through her memoir, Fox offers readers an unfiltered view into her life, her relationships, and her experiences in the challenging world of fame.

Romantic liaisons in the limelight often become subjects of public fascination. The brief romance between Julia Fox and Kanye West, with its highs and lows, gives a candid glimpse into the realities of dating in the public eye. While their story might be over, their individual journeys continue, promising more endeavors and perhaps, more stories.


1. How did Julia Fox and Kanye West meet?
They met in early 2022, after Fox’s split from Peter Artemiev. Their initial interactions included texts, calls, and a memorable first meeting.

2. How did Fox describe dating Kanye?
Julia Fox likened dating Kanye to having a ‘second baby.’ She emphasized her need to prioritize her son, Valentino, over the demanding relationship.

3. Were there any issues in their relationship?
Fox felt she was possibly being used as a “publicity stunt.” She became increasingly uncomfortable with Kanye’s extravagant gifts and overt public displays.

4. How did their relationship end?
Their romance concluded after an incident where Kanye gifted designer bags to Fox’s friends. She decided to break up with him the next day.

5. What does Fox’s memoir reveal about their relationship?
‘Down the Drain’ provides an in-depth look into their romance, detailing their initial interactions, shared moments, and the challenges they faced.