Keep the Dust Out with Dust Fencing

Dust control is a critical consideration in dust-prone industries where fugitive dust particles can wreak havoc if not catered to in a timely manner. WeatherSolve offers customized dust solutions to cater to varying industry requirements while facilitating the seamless execution of operational procedures and ensuring business continuity.

This article offers an informative insight into the significance of preventing dust control measures. It also features a helpful review of the dust solutions offered by WeatherSolve. 

Why is dust dangerous

Dust can potentially inflict more harm to the environment and our ecosystem than we can imagine. In the absence of dust control systems in industrial facilities where dust emission is high, there are various consequences to consider. 

High dust levels can disrupt the workflow; damage your valuable equipment or tools, and impact the visual aspects of the industrial facility. This may result in significant financial and productivity losses caused as a result of disruption to the workflow and associated processes.

Industries, including mining, construction, demolition, wood, biomass production, etc., are quite dust-prone, and professionals are well aware of the significance of dust fencing. It is the key component that helps cut down dust and curtails erosion of material piles.

The high-velocity wind picks up as it reaches a material pile, as a result of which dust rises from the pile and is carried along, while the heavier material is shifted over the top to the other side and along the ground. If left in this unruly state, it will cause a loss of material and productivity and disrupt operations as well. 

Moreover, dust control is a critical element for meeting health, safety, and environmental standards. An effective dust solution not only helps in reducing site emissions but can also help in protecting your employees. In many instances, the dust generated by mining or material processing operations may be a huge source of dust or airborne fumes, which can be hazardous to employee health.

Similarly, the dust produced during construction, work on unpaved roads, or mining is a major contributor to environmental degradation and air pollution.

For instance, if coal dust particles linger in the air, it can be a massive explosion hazard. Moreover, it is also quite hazardous to health. Coal dust is one of the leading causes of black lung disease. Similarly, dust produced from stone processing, gravel, or sand can cause silicosis. 

Depending on the nature of the industry, if airborne dust particles carry elements produced as a result of the operations can be harmful to health. They can cause irritation to the eyes, respiratory issues, and various skin diseases or allergies. 

Another risk to consider is the harm to the ecosystem. Pollutants traveling in the air via dust may also impact water sources near the facility. Plants and animals inhabiting nearby water sources may also be thus affected by the absence of dust control at your facility. 

Hence it is vital to implement dust fencing on the site and prevent further negative consequences. Businesses must take appropriate preventive measures which will eventually impact society at a larger scale.

It is why WeatherSolve has come forward to provide cost-effective solutions that can help businesses implement preventive dust control at their respective sites without disrupting their workflow or adding a significant financial burden.

How can dust solutions be helpful

WeatherSolve offers a dust solution that can collect and suppress dust and fumes produced by various industrial processes. In any dust suppression or dust control strategy, slowing down the speed of the wind is the main objective. Since wind is the main culprit as it causes and disperses dust, it must be slowed down to control dust.

The dust increases in parallel to the wind speed. The dispersing dust level is proportional to the wind speed squared, while the dust wind erosion is comparative to wind speed cubed. It implies that a smartly constructed dust control wind fence can help reduce the dispersion of dust by around 80%, even in larger amasses. 

WeatherSolve dust or wind fence surrounds the stockpile’s downward side; it reduces the amount of dust released by a considerable margin compared to the dust released from a pile left unprotected. While this is beneficial in optimizing productivity, it also prevents financial implications by preventing material loss and offers substantial savings on storage building constructions.

Moreover, dust solutions are an important determinant of the safety and security of the workforce inside and outside the industrial facility or a construction worksite. Unregulated dust emission will impact operational success and may also cause harm to the workers carrying out laborious tasks weathering all kinds of conditions. 

As a business concern, you need to pay due importance to dust control, given the nature of business.

Dust solutions by WeatherSolve and their benefits

The type of dust control solution employed also influences the results and impacts you want to create for the people in your workforce, the site, and other elements that may be affected by dust. It is why WeatherSolve offers economical and custom-built dust fences or dust screens.

These are tailored to cater to specific industry requirements. The company’s services include planning, drafting, construction, and installing dust solutions consistent with the industry’s geographic dynamics and weather conditions. 

Be it any kind of industry, or any type of weather condition, WeatherSolve dust solutions are specifically designed to cater to the circumstances and dynamics. Moreover, the dust solution structures are also tailored to fit the facility location to prevent disruption to the workflow. The main aim is to provide cost-effective and optimized solutions.

Another benefit of these structures is that they are low-maintenance. Once installed, they do not require any resources or power sources and are a hassle-free solution. In most cases, repair services are not required either. The support structures of the fences are also custom-built to withstand high wind forces. Similarly, the fabric of the fences is also economical and robust and will withstand high-speed winds, thus offering great value for money.

So if you want to learn how WeatherSolve structures can assist with your industrial company’s dust control, contact WeatherSolve today and get the required details.