Kelly Roseberry Car Accident Everything We Know So Far

The world mourns Kelly Roseberry’s tragic death and that of her son Noah Ryan Roseberry. Both met their tragic ends on October 28, 2023. It’s important that we remember Kelly Roseberry and her impact on the world as details surrounding the incident emerge. This article pays tribute to her life and achievements as well as her indomitable spirit.

Who was Kelly Roseberry?

Kelly McGaughey was born on March 18, 1995, to James and Kathryn McGaughey in Fort Lewis, Washington. Her early life, shaped by military values, began at Fort Lewis. Kelly McGaughey grew up in a military home, which meant that she was frequently relocated between Germany and the United States. These years of formative experience instilled a deep appreciation for sacrifice, duty and service.

What happened to Kelly Roseberry

Details surrounding the accident of October 28 are still scarce. Kelly and Noah Ryan tragically passed away after being involved in a car crash, leaving a gaping hole in their community’s lives and hoping for further details as the investigation proceeds.

Why Did She Pursue A Career in Healthcare

Kelly’s academic interests were rooted deeply in healthcare and service. Her degree in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise, earned at Virginia Tech, was the foundation for her future. Shenandoah University awarded her a Doctorate of Physical Therapy after she became passionate about physical therapy. Her impactful career was built on this solid educational foundation.

Where did she contribute her expertise?

Kelly began her journey of healing and supporting wounded military personnel after completing her education. Kelly began her career as an intern in Quantico Officers Candidates School and Landstuhl Hospital. Her dedication and skills soon led her to more prominent positions.

She assumed significant responsibilities in her roles as a physical therapy and coordinator of clinical training at the Military Advanced Training Centre (now Walter Reed National Medical Centre) at Walter Reed Army Medical Centre. She was able to help amputees regain daily skills, as well as find joy in sports, walking and running.

What was her impact on the lives of many?

Kelly made amputeeism her life mission. As an amputee expert, Kelly became a hero to many amputees looking for new hope and optimism after an amputation, serving as their beacon. Kelly served as a symbol of hope to those affected by amputeeism.

Kelly’s life blossomed in 2015 when she married Chris Roseberry. Chris was a former US Army First Sergeant. They had two children together, but tragically their second child, Noah Ryan died.

Kelly Roseberry’s legacy is a testament of her dedication and compassion. Her impactful testimony for military personnel and amputees provides much inspiration. While her untimely death as well as that of her son is deeply disappointing, remembering her contribution can offer comfort in times of sadness. Her spirit will live on through the lives she touched.


  1. Who was involved in Kelly Roseberry’s accident?
    • Kelly Roseberry and Noah Ryan Roseberry tragically died in a collision.
  2. When was the Kelly Roseberry accident?
    • The accident occurred on October 28, 2023.
  3. Where was the accident?
    • The exact location of the accident has not yet been revealed to the public.
  4. Anyone else hurt in the accident?
    • At this time, there is no other information about injuries.
  5. What was the cause of Kelly Roseberry’s accident?
    • The investigation is ongoing and the cause of the accident has not yet been determined or made public.