Keppel Shipyard Tuas :- What Happens in Keppel Shipyard?

This article contains all details about the truly terrible accident that took place at Keppel Shipyard, Tuas.

Did you hear about the horrible incident at Keppel Shipyard Sources claim that two people died in the tragic accident. This tragedy was so terrible that it terrified the people of Singapore. The ministry has launched an investigation into the incident and instructed Keppel Shipyard Toas not to continue any work that could have been done on the vessel’s structure.

This post on Keppel Shipyard Tuas will inform our readers more about the tragic death of a youngster. This post will provide more information.

What Happens in Keppel Shipyard?

Two workers died in a recent disaster at a shipyard owned by Singapore’s Keppel Corp. Two men from Bangladesh, aged 30 and 42, died after they fell from a Tuas shipyard shipyard dockyard.

According to Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower they were one of three men working on scaffolds when the structure collapsed. According to the ministry, the third employee, a Bangladeshi 25-year-old, was able to hang on to the structure and was saved by the emergency response team at the shipyard.

The victim was 42 years old and worked at Keppel Port. Veekee Engineering employed the two other men. One of three workers built a scaffold around 51 Pioneer Sector 1’s parked ship.

What are the Investigations by The Government?

This Keppel Shipyard Incident , At 10:20 p.m., the building collapsed. The two workers were thrown from the ship’s scaffold. Officers responded to the call for help at 10.30 p.m. and found the couple dead. MOM reports that the third employee, also from Bangladesh was able to keep the building. He was taken to Ng Teng Fong Health Centre by the shipyard’s response team, who provided him with outpatient care.

Because the ministry has withheld this information, it is not possible to know the exact number of workplace fatalities and major industrial injuries.

Latest Updates about the Keppel Shipyard Incident

MOM released a statement on Tuesday stating that the 42-year old worker was employed by Keppel Shipyard and the occupant of the site. The Marine division and Keppel Offshore are fully-owned Keppel Offshore. Veekee Engineering employed both of the two other individuals.

The MOM has been investigating the matter and instructed Keppel Shipyard not to do any work that could affect the vessel’s structure. Still, police inspections are being carried out. There are no signs of wrongdoing. Keppel Shipyard workers expressed their deep sorrow at the unfortunate incident.


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