Klee Fish Blasting Location-Why Does Klee Blast Fish?

Are you finding it difficult to find Klee Fish? Users Worldwide may have difficulty finding it, especially if they don’t have enough information. Below, we will describe the cart’s location as well as Klee fish blasting Location.

The mission of the players is to locate special treasures in Mondstadt. Participants are able to perform many tasks during the Brews and Ballads activity. Participants would receive Fecund Blessings for finding the chests.

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Where is Klee Fish Blasting?

The Old Battered Cart of Klee can be found in the Starfell Lake area. Unfortunately, the cart has been damaged and is now lying on the ground near some shrubs.

The Fecund Hamper is a chest or barrel that appears to be hidden among the wagon and rocks.

Why does Klee blast fish?

Klee, according to all reports prefers to go explosively fishing at Starfell Lake. The wagon is not in the lake area. This does not make it morally wrong. Instead, follow the route to the south towards Mondstadt. Continue looking to your left until you see the large, damaged cart, hidden among many rocks. It is however certain that it is there.

The seventh phase of the event, Feast In Full Swing section, requires Klee to find the damaged wagon close to the spot where he fishblasts in Genshin Impact.

Klee Fish Blaming Location Tips

Klee gives the following tips to help you locate the old cart.

  • You see this old, battered wagon right where it usually goes fish-blowing.
  • It kept its gift hidden behind it!
  • You may find it and have all you need.
  • Then click OK.
  • Razor could be your witness if you wish to obtain it.
  • You won’t be able to find the location if you haven’t been to Klee. How does Klee work.
  • If you don’t, you will be confused about which route to take.

Go into the woods, hit F to access Hidden Treasure.


The cart may be damaged or missing from the spot Klee often fish-blasts in the Full Swing mission of the Genshin Impact Feast adventure.