Know all about Butt Plugs

If you’re unaware, a butt plug is a specialized sexual toy which is placed inside the anus for sexual pleasure. It can be used in various ways:

  • It helps dilate the muscle while preparing the body for anal sex.
  • When planning masturbation, it offers enhanced pleasure and increased orgasm.
  • It offers an extension for better sexual pleasure and offers a kinky feeling.

Butt plugs come with a tapered end for simple insertion offering a firm grip and a broad base to prevent it from moving ahead into the anus. It offers enjoyment to everyone, however, people with prostates gain higher stimulation but women may also find it pleasurable. When you reach the point of orgasm, just release the plug to enhance the climax.

Anal play is tedious and intimidating for novices. With the help of a thrusting butt plug, you can enjoy a more satisfactory and relaxing experience for your first time without any additional pressure. Also, butt plugs allow you to sexually express yourself and feel kinky.

Butt plugs are available in various sizes and shapes and it can be tempting to purchase the first one as it is visually appealing. Often people make a common mistake that they buy a plug too large. You may be able to bear a larger butt plug but you should always begin with a small plug. Even professional users should begin with a small plug before moving to a bigger one. Using a big size butt plug without warming up can cause tears and damage to the anal canal tissue, causing scarring. Also, ensure the plug has a tapered tip to enhance the insertion process.

Lastly, ensure you buy a high-quality material. Most plugs are jelly and slimy, which means you cannot clean the bacteria completely. It is recommended to choose a butt plug material of silicone, metal, and glass. Silicone is preferred as it is more cost-effective than glass and metal and simpler to clean. Also, ensure to buy from reputable and reliable retailers. Do not choose low-quality, low-price products. Ensure you go through the reviews of the retailers before proceeding. If there are too many negative reviews, consider it a red flag.

When you’re using a thrusting butt plug, use some lubricant. As your anus cannot self-lubricate itself like vagina, so it is recommended to lubricate it. Get a lubricant that works with the material of the butt plug. For example, a silicone plug shouldn’t be paired with silicone-based lubrication.

Using a thrusting butt plug can be a pleasurable experience, but it is important to prioritize your comfort, safety, and communication.

  • Always start slowly
  • Relax as tension may be uncomfortable
  • Start gently with thrusting and respond and adjust the speed and depth accordingly
  • Make sure the butt plug is clean and use mild soap and warm water or a butt plug cleaner according to the material.
  • Do not use a butt plug for a prolonged time. Start with a short session and gradually increase the time.

Use a butt plug according to your preference and comfort level and prioritize your safety.