Labyrinth Ragnarok NFT Labyrinth Ragnarok NFT – Know the Founders

The article reviews how to use the Labyrinth Ragnarok NFT HTML1and its distinctive characteristics. Check out the article to learn more.

How much do you understand about this brand fresh NFT game? Are you curious about the way Gravity limited plays a crucial part within the gameplay? Don’t worry. This article will explain the NFT game that could alter your life.

The game’s name is “Ragnarok Labyrinth”. The game is already gaining enormous popularity among players all over the world. There are many variations. This article will concentrate on each feature included in Labyrinth Ragnarok NFT.

What Do You Know About Ragnarok Labyrinth?

The game is an adaptation of”MMORPG,” the “MMORPG” mobile game. The game has not yet been launched very soon. According to an expert’s opinion, the game is a game that is video-mediated.

It is also possible to earn game points. The players will be delighted to know that the game will have monsters, levels, and Dungeons. The concept was derived from the renowned Ragnarok online game.

The game also produces”Onbuff,” which is the “Onbuff” tokens. Players can earn coins by winning and completing the tasks according to the rules of the game.

Labyrinth Ragnarok NFT – Know the Founders

Gravity developers create the game. Gravity is among the top firms located in South Korea. It was established in 2000, and it has since created a an outstanding progress into the gaming industry.

Gravity creates the brand new Ragnarok Labyrinth game. Two players are crucial to develop the NFT game. Chief financial officer Heung Gon Kim and IR unit director Jin Lee, have significant involvement in the creation of the game.

Gravity operates across around 90 different countries. The company operates branches located in Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia too.

The Market Ratio of Labyrinth Ragnarok NFT

Market statistics are essential in any NFTs. The game is played with NFT Token. The token’s name is “ONBUFF”. It’s the brand-new token of the market of the NFT. Let’s look at its market value at the time.

  • Rate- $0.1633
  • Cap of the Market $44,872,462
  • Diluted Market Cap- $128,939,050
  • Market Volume for the last 24 hours- $2,160,176
  • Market Cap- 0.04756
  • Circulating – 274,890,433.00 ONIT
  • Maximum Supply Rate- 789,885,600
  • Total Supply Rate- 789,885,600
  • The lowest rate was the last 24 hours- $0.16
  • Most expensive rate in the this 24 hours- $0.1811

Explore more data through the above-market-ratio of Labyrinth Ragnarok NFT.

Why is the News Trending?

The story of the game is trending because of a number of reasons. The first is that the game has the most pre-registration for gamers. The report states that within just 22 days, over 1 million people have signed up.

Then, NFT is going to be released on the 13th of April in 2022. This means that the announcement is making waves across the world.


According to the latest update, gamers have begun pre-installing the game’s application starting the 7th of April in 2022. The mobile version of the game will be accessible on the IOS App Store from 11 April. The game’s authorities also offer the possibility of early registration for Labyrinth Ragnarok NFT on its website prior to the game’s launch.

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