Landon Schiek Investigation

Two vehicles collided on Sunday evening. It happened on the United States Highway 18. The crash resulted in the death of Landon R. Schiek.

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What happened to those who were traveling in the vehicle? Both drivers were wearing seat belts. Next, we will discuss how Landon Schiek was injured and later died in the accident. Continue reading for more information about crashes and investigations.

Highway Accident

A two-vehicle collision and the death of a Palo Alto County man aged 26 caused a crash on Sunday, 12 June 2022. The crash killed the SUV driver Landon R. Schiek (26-year-old Algona ). Brian M. Freeman (45-year-old Garner driver) was also injured.

The pickup vehicle failed to follow the curve and crossed the line at the intersection before colliding with the Chevy Trailblazer SUV. Landon Schiek was the driver of the vehicle and he died. Freeman sustained injuries in the accident on Sunday. He was taken to Mercy Hospital in Mason City. Both drivers of the vehicle were wearing their seatbelts when they traveled. Investigations are ongoing into the vehicle crash.


According to the Transportation Fatality Analysis Reporting System (U.S. Department), there were 33.654 motor vehicle accidents in the country in 2018. 36,560 people died in these crashes.

Bond Legal’s Managing Partner Candice Bond examined the crash and found that lighting, visibility, and highway conditions were all possible contributors. Sometimes, an accident reconstruction team is required to assist in the analysis of the crash.

Landon Schiek Death claim

Landon R. Schiek ‘s family could pursue a wrongful death claim. His family suffers a terrible loss due to the accident. Death may result in damages for the company’s loss, pain, emotional distress, and suffering.

Bond Legal counsel Stefano Formica said that the sorrow and worries after the loss of a loved one can be irresistible.

A lawyer for unlawful deaths who is kept current on the official inquiry. It is essential that the families go through this process and are protected from any threats to their rights. Also, ensure their legal rights and interests are protected. The ISP continues to investigate Landon Schiek and examines the incident.


Landon R. Schiek (an SUV driver) from Algona and Brian M. Freeman (a Chevy Silverado driver), met in an accident on the U.S. Highway in northern Iowa. The crash occurred due to vehicle pickup failure. Both drivers were wearing their seat belts. Both drivers were wearing seat belts.