Latitudepay Scam :- Latitudepay Scam Is this a Scam app?

This post discusses Latitudepay scam and provides additional information about the app.

Have you seen a scam on the internet that has gone viral recently? A scam is also prevalent in Australia. It brings another app called Latitude Pay under scrutiny.

But how does Latitude Pay relate to this scam? It is a scam or legit application. And why is it currently in the news? We provide an in-depth explanation of Latitudepay scam and the reasons it is currently in the news. For more information, please continue reading the sections below.

Latitudepay is a Scam?

Many users reported that they received a message from Afterpay in Australia over the past few days. The message included the verification code. Afterpay sent the message as a non-replayable SMS code. Others have also received an SMS with a link to invite friends and receive $30 off.

Users have also warned not to click on any links and declared it a scam. Afterpay is often confused with LattitudePay and users claim it is a fraud. The app allows for easy installments of EMIs. We will give you more information in the next section.

A brief overview of Latitudepay

  • LatitudePay, a finance app previously known as Octifi, is now LatitudePay.
  • It has been renamed LatitudePaySG
  • The app’s latest version was released on 19 July 2022
  • According to research, the app can be used as an alternative platform for high credit card fees and 0% interest
  • The user must also make the first payment. Any subsequent payments will be automatically deducted.

Latitudepay Scam Is this a Scam app?

Internet users highlighted that Afterpay and Latitudepay were not used. They are also receiving messages with verification codes. We decided to examine some aspects of Latitudepay as well as its customer reviews.

It is available in Google Playstore with a rating of 3.6 stars. One customer complained that the customer service was poor and took almost an hour to resolve. Another user complained about the app taking too much time to process refunds. The app received mixed reviews overall, with both positive and negative.

Users also voice their dissatisfaction with Contact‘s customer service, which takes too long to answer queries. The app is legitimate, so we recommend that users investigate its origins before they use it.

Final Conclusion

All information in this article is taken from the internet. We do not claim any rights to any details. The scam also uses Afterpay, which is a similar app for financing. It is not connected to Latitudepay and is not a fraud.

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