Lazada Project Scam :- Information on Lazada:

This article contains complete information about the Lazada Project Scam as well as details on the statement made by the lazada group.

Did you know about the Lazada Project? Are you familiar with the services offered by Lazada? You have come to the right blog if you don’t know the services offered by the Lazada group. This company is very popular in India.

Today’s article will provide details on the ecommerce company as well as details about its services. Follow the link below for more information.

The legitimacy and operation of Lazada:

People are being informed about the latest scam news, while trying to stay aware of the scam. The Lazada group appears to be legitimate. According to sources, Lazada offers part-time jobs for people who can complete simple tasks. However, such opportunities are scams as the Lazada company has stated in a statement that they are not involved in any of them.

People have started searching What is Lazada Project after becoming aware of this scam. According to reports, scammers want people to sign up to a part-time job in which victims will receive $300 to $500. The scammers then ask for an advance payment through the Lazada platform. To gain customers’ faith, they provide Lazada affiliate link.

Information on Lazada:

Lazada is a private limited business. It is an ecommerce company that was established on 27 March 2012. It is located in Southeast Asia and its headquarters are in Downtown Core, Singapore. It has e-commerce businesses in many countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. The company’s aim is to reach 300 million customers by 2030.

However, many people are now unsure if Lazada Projectscam is real or not. These scams are now the talk of town. Many were victims, resulting in the loss of victim’s funds.

This company was founded by Maximilian Bittner. It is supported by Rocket Internet, and currently is owned by the Alibaba Group. It strives to offer excellent online shopping services to all of its customers.

The Worthiness group Lazada:

  • The beginning of the web portal: The web portal was created on 25/08/2009.
  • The trust rate: The trust point for the web portal is high, at 96%.
  • Copy rate: This web portal contains 100% content that was copied from another website.
  • Alexa ranking The global Alexa rank for the web portal’s website is #22928.

Company statement on Lazada Project Scam:

Lazada group published a statement on social media stating that these part-time jobs are scams and that they have no involvement in them. They also stated that scammers are only trying to trick people by offering them part-time jobs.


This company made it clear that they are only trying to deceive people by promising part-time work. This article contains all details. To learn more about Lazada’s project, click this link.

This article contains all information regarding Lazada Project Scam as well as details about the Lazada group statement.

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