Are you stuck in today’s Wordle? The Wordle from the New York Times became extremely popular in countries such as Australia , New Zealand , the United Kingdom and many others. Worldle is another Wordle-inspired game. This game asks you to predict a country, or a capital, for the day, rather than a single word. You’ll also receive 6 Guesses.

To keep your winning streak going, read the Lesotho Wordle Article.

Is Lesotho an accurate word?

Many people are confused by Wordle and Worldle, and mistakenly mix the answers. Let’s clarify: Wordle is a five-letter word guessing game, while Worldle is a game with no limit on letters. Worldle allows you to guess the name of a country or state.

Many people chose Lesotho to solve today’s Worldle. We should clarify that the word Lesotho answers Worldle because there is no Lesotho Definition, but it is a well-known Southern African country.

Therefore, Worldle 163 should be answered LESOTHO.

Worldle is a challenging, enjoyable game that can help you remember the names of countries. Worldle is similar to Wordle and you should try it.

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Clues to the Worldle 163

Would you like to guess the answer? We will soon discover that the Lesotho Wordle has the correct answer. These are the short suggestions that will help you quickly figure out the correct solution to today’s Wordle.

  • The word of the day today is made up of three vowels.
  • The term is made up of seven letters
  • The word starts with L and ends with O.
  • It is located in Southern Africa.
  • It’s 3,313km away from Algeria on its left side.

We hope that you find the right answer, LESOTHO. Wordle and Worldle are unique in that one person can answer incorrectly due to incorrect letter placement. The other person will correct the player by using proper arrangement.

Is Lesotho a word?

Lesotho isn’t a name, but it is a beautiful and well-known Country in Southern Africa.

If you want to play, it is important that you are familiar with Worldle’s rules.

As the guess limit, five blank spaces have already been left. Within six attempts, you must correctly identify the correct and exact state, country, capital, or name. If the letter’s colour changes from green to yellow it is considered correct. Press “Guess” to get the answer. Worldle also gives distance between the correct place and the guess place.


This post- Lesotho Wordle has been summarized. We have provided clues and the correct answer for the Country Guessing Game Worldle. You can also visit Wordle’s official website by clicking this link.

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