The accidental choking have caused 2.375 deaths, 1.200 women and 1.109 men during the year 2020, according to INE data. With this figure, choking and accidental suffocation are the second cause of accidental death in Spain behind falls and more than accidents traffic.

According to data from the Risk and Accident Prevention Observatory with data from the National Institute of Statistics, it is noted that there is a growth in deaths due to choking with increasing age.

In this way, there are more and more resources and equipment for first aid that can prevent more accidents due to the ingestion of some food or any obstruction.


LifeVac, an alternative to prevent suffocation due to choking

Device LifeVac has proven to be highly effective saving many lives and offering an option when the standard protocol fails to release the obstruction.

The duration of the suction is minimal, it acts in seconds, which makes LifeVac an effective and safe device.

Instrucciones LifevacLifevac Instructions

It takes up little space and is very light. It is perfect for storing it anywhere: a medicine cabinet, in the closet, in the car, etc. It is also suitable for public spaces.

Why LifeVac?

This product has 3 interchangeable masks, depending on the age of the person: from 12 months to 4 years, from 4 years and adults. And its use is valid from a young age of months.

It has been successfully tested: It has already saved numerous lives in Spain and other countries. In addition, it has been endorsed by clinical studies: it has been published in prestigious international journals.


Easy handling: No training or special skills are required. It could be used by a child or by oneself. It can be used by pregnant women, the elderly, obese people or people in wheelchairs where the Heimlich maneuver may not be effective.

A system that acts in seconds and immediately releases the obstruction thanks to its ease of use. LifeVac does not expire and you can change the masks every 2 years, according to the manufacturer.

Its price is euros and you can get it at this link, where they will send it to your address totally free.