Lost Ark Paladin Leveling Guide Essential Skills To Level First

Many people believe that Lost Ark does not begin until you reach max level. Then you can farm for gear. It can be difficult to go through the story, especially if it has been repeated several times. To instantly jump to the top, you can use a Powerpass. If you do not have enough Powerpasses, you’ll have to go through the story mode all over again.

If you are looking to be a Paladin, this can cause problems. The Paladin is an advanced class of the Warriors class. The Paladin is a Warrior subclass. However, it’s not as destructive as other classes. This class is focused on holy powers, support, buffs, as well as providing support. Some players may find leveling up with a Paladin more difficult and slow than other classes. The Paladin’s AOE abilities are very damaging, but that is not their main focus.

This guide will provide a guideline for skills and routes to follow to level up quickly and efficiently with the Paladin. Let’s get to it!

General Tips

These tips will help you make the Paladin leveling process easier.

  • You should equip the highest Item Level Lost Ark Gear you own. This will give you the best stats. This will make it easier to survive, and more importantly, kill your enemies quicker.
  • Use “Crit” or “Swiftness stats to equip your gear. Your chance of landing critical hits is affected by “Crit”. Critical hits inflict more damage than regular hits. “Swiftness”, which affects movement speed and attack speed, as well as ability cooldowns, is also known. These will make leveling easier.
  • Concentrate on the main quests. Only do the main quests to reach max level. Side activities are not recommended unless you’re looking for a specific reward like Lost Ark gold.
  • If you don’t want to manually dismantle Lost Ark items, then “Auto Dismantle” may be an option. You can customize the options to make sure that you don’t accidentally dismantle useful items.

Paladin Tips

The Paladin has an adequate amount of Area of Effect Damage Skills. These will make leveling easier. The Paladin can absorb a lot of damage so gather as many enemies as possible before unleashing your AOE attacks.

The “Charge” skill can be used to increase mobility in areas and zones that don’t permit the use of your mount. You can add a point to “Dash Slash” once you have reached level 20. Another useful mobility skill. You can use both to increase mobility and allow you to switch between them. To make leveling easier, you should first increase your charge. Focus on AOE skills and learn high-damaging single target skills.

Essential Skills To Level First

You need to know some basic skills when leveling up. These skills are essential to level up quickly and defeat groups of enemies. These skills are a guideline only. You can mix and match the options if you feel you need them.

Charge This is the first skill you should learn. This skill is great for navigating across the map. Apply the “Excellent Mobility Tripod” once it reaches level 4.

Flash ThrustA great starting skill with a low cooling down. You can transform it into a fan-shaped attack when you reach level 10, and the tripod is available.

Punishment: Level 16 required. Decent for attacking single targets.

Dash Slash: Level 20 required. If you are looking to improve your mobility, this is another skill that you should learn. If you can level it to 4, grab the “Quick Pace” tripod.

Executor’s Sword: Level 24 required. This is a very damaging skill and you should work hard to improve it. For significant damage, grab the “Stigmata”, “Challenger’s Will”, and “Challenger’s Will”. You can choose which tripod you prefer, depending on whether you need more AOE damage or a high single target.

Execution of Justice Level 32 required. A good damaging AOE spin attack that draws enemies in with the “Rune Prison” tripod.

Holy Explosion required at Level 36. It is a high-damaging AOE attack that only takes a few seconds to charge up. To gain all three options, it is best to turn this off.

Holy Sword required at level 40. This ability has a high level of damage and emits a beam or holy light. A damaging area will be left behind by the “Stigmata”, tripod.

These are only a few suggestions for damage and movement skills to be able to use. You can swap out any of these abilities if you feel you are lacking in defense or shielding. If you want to power through the main story, then these skills are essential.


This guide is hoped to be helpful. Although it is not difficult to level a Paladin this requires a little more planning as the Paladin is more of an assist class than a destructive one. Respecifying your skills is free Lost Ark currency. You can try different methods to see what works for you. There is no one way to get through the story mode. New things are constantly being discovered.