Maby – More than just a Nail Salon Management App

Art cannot be characterized something sublime or out of reach, it can be added to anything anywhere. Artists born in current era have multiskilled, creative mindsets, ensuring the expansion of innovativeness and creativeness in every domain of life.  Similarly, nail salons nowadays are more than just a place to get regular manicure and pedicure services. It has become an ideal place for people who want to get pampered. After a long and tiring day, people always look forward to places like spas and nail salons to relax and get rid of work and life stress. This is the reason why the nail salon industry is experiencing such a drastic increase in popularity. 

According to many online resources, the market size, measured by revenue of the Hair & Nail Salons industry is $72.7bn in 2022 with a growth rate of roughly 4%. Even during the pandemic, customers were attracted to new salons and their services. Many of the nail salons operating in recent times are traditional, therefore, they use phone and paper systems to manage their bookings and other operational activities. In order for the nail salon industry to run more efficiently, they will need to change their traditional measures and adapt technology systems. 

To help reduce the management burden for nail salon owners and advance the goal of digital transformation of the nail salon industry, many entrepreneurs are coming up with various interesting innovations. Maby is one of them! 

With an intention to help people find the best nail salon near them, Kyle Khoan developed Maby, an application that connects customers with nail salon owners. Khoan came up with the idea of establishing the company Stickupz LLC in March 2019. He wanted to apply for a license to operate in the US. In May 2019, the beta version was launched and in January 2020 the name was changed to Maby – Search for Nail Salons Near You. The hype made the app appear on the Google Play Store and Apple Store serving the US market in February 2020. In September 2022, the official website was launched in the US, Australian, Canadian, and Vietnam markets. 

Maby serves as a flexible robot system that helps salon owners operate and manage their business activities efficiently. They have adapted the app for handling all bookings online and directing customers to the right salon by using the feature ‘Find Nail Salons Near Me.’

Maby has two offices, one in Pennsylvania, USA, and the other in Hanoi, Vietnam. It connects customers with nearby nail salons based on a given location and manages existing customers and businesses. This helps nail salon owners run their businesses in an effective and organized manner. The operating cost of workers and distributing expense of the app is supported by Maby owners according to the standards and requirements. The app has benefited several salons worldwide by uplifting their routine business. Finding and servicing new customers is easier through an app that maintains the records and data of the customers. It enables people to book their slots at any desired salon with just a touch on the screen and that is exactly what Maby offers.

Maby is built with a user-friendly interface to keep it simple for the operator. The reviews and rating section for the customer helps business owners become more refined in their services. The app has gathered a strong network of service providers and stakeholders, working together to excel in their motive. 

Maby currently features some of the best nail salons from different parts of the respective countries they operate in. It also keeps the app owners updated on the demands of the customers to avoid future challenges. According to a report released by Marketdata LLC, the nail salon industry in the US has reached a value of $8 billion with nearly 28,000 small businesses in the market. The report has also predicted considerable growth in the industry because of the ever-evolving demands from customers across the country. This can be a game-changer situation for Maby as it can generate maximum profit by keeping its services customer-centric.