Making Condominium Managers Lives Easier

What are condominium managers?

As you probably already know, condominiums are often smaller communities of people who live together. It is only normal for problems to occur when there are so many people crammed into a tiny area, such as damaged exercise equipment, peeled-off paint, stains on the walls, a damaged rug or carpet at the entry, or a corroded stair railing. These are obviously community facilities; therefore, it is improbable that one member would foot the bill for all kinds of maintenance or take time out of work to watch over plumbing issues being fixed or take responsibility for replacing gym equipment. 

The association for condominiums must employ a condominium property manager to handle the obligations as mentioned earlier. The maintenance of the condo is made extremely easy, thanks to the condominium managers. The daily maintenance and other important activities are handled by these managers to ensure the condo functions properly. The upkeep of the shared facilities and items is overseen by a condo manager, who also handles resident concerns.

The condominium manager is employed and given responsibilities and tasks by the board of the condominium community. As a position that will be relied upon by all condo residents, the board members must be attentive when choosing a condo manager. You must understand what qualities constitute a successful condo manager if you are on the board. The manager needs to possess the fundamental abilities needed to run a condo. Make careful only to work with professional and accredited condo property managers.

Here are some of the key responsibilities of a condominium manager:

  • Conflict Resolution: The condominium manager will have substantial dispute resolution chores to do when there are many people residing there. Tenants have their disagreements with the management as well as one another on several occasions. The most frequent disagreements include loud music being played or someone’s pet making a mess. A condo manager will be required to intervene in such circumstances and assist in finding a resolution that is agreeable to all sides. A condo manager’s job is to settle any conflicts peacefully, preventing them from progressing to the litigation stage.
  • Financial Administration: The board assigns condo managers the duty of managing financial concerns. They aid in the creation of budgets, the collection of fees, the planning of audits, the reporting of financial information and tax records, and the management of the reserve fund. A condo manager is also accountable for ensuring that all renovations and repairs are completed within the allocated budget.
  • Project Administration: In a condominium, several responsibilities arise. There are tasks that need to be completed, such as hiring employees, replacing a security guard, starting building work, or making repairs. A condominium manager is responsible for all of these tasks. He or she is also responsible for supervising the work and making sure everything runs well. Some tasks even need additional participation, such as condo repairs done while the homeowner is gone at work. 
  • Managing Operations: The most crucial responsibility of a condominium manager is to ensure that daily activities go off without a glitch. This involves ensuring that the rules of the board are upheld, the condo is maintained tidy, and all the utilities are in good working condition. Additionally, this entails keeping track of documents, performing general property maintenance and management work as required, and ensuring the tenants’ safety.

How can their lives become easier?

Many condominium organizations have started adopting online voting during virtual members’ meetings. Owners may now participate in meetings from anywhere in the globe thanks to a new method used to conduct meetings and online voting. Owners can now cast their own votes without filling out a proxy form.

The Canadian condominium market now has access to the greatest electronic voting available, thanks to CondoVoter. Members will be more inclined to vote if they can do it from home since it is much more practical. Furthermore, people can join a meeting or cast votes through their smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices. CondoVoter makes it simpler to increase participation while supporting current methodologies. You can deliver an effective and simplified owner’s meeting and voting process by integrating an online owner’s portal, candidate information, a comprehensive ballot customization feature, and real-time vote updates.

Owner’s meetings are conducted with the goal of encouraging engagement. You may guarantee quorum is fulfilled far in advance of your scheduled meeting by using CondoVoter’s new array of tools, which includes automatic notices and reminders. With their applicant submission site, adding additional candidates is simple. CondoVoter streamlines the procedure and relieves management of these tiresome duties. CondoVoter offers full transparency from beginning to finish and relieves owners of all kinds of stress when implementing E-voting, helping to provide regulation all through the process. You may have confidence that the voting procedure was properly followed and a safe process is in place thanks to owner confirmation, audit logs, and history displaying all the votes. The highest priority is to adhere to privacy laws.

Their electronic portal provides real-time data on the progress of your vote. Users may see the number of registrants, the quorum, the voting results, and the units that still need to vote. Through CondoVoter’s self-serve site, candidate applications may be accepted, and users will also have access to other crucial information, including call-in details and links to online meetings. Greater transparency is made possible with CondoVoter for every element of your forthcoming meeting.


Any landowner is aware that, while occasionally going well, managing a property involves a lot of negotiating and challenge. The number of issues you deal with every day rises if you already own and manage many condos. Condominium management may be daunting, and this is particularly true if you don’t have everyday access to your property and if you reside miles away. However, CondoVoter makes it extremely simple to manage condos through various tools, including online voting, meetings, reminders, and real-time results. So, no matter where the members are in the world, they can join the virtual meetings and cast their votes, knowing that their participation was recorded and that the results would be fair. Contact CondoVoter today!