Malaria: How to Accelerate The Fight Against Malaria?

The mosquito pinches your skin, and you usually start experiencing chills, fever, and flu-like illnesses in monsoons. So, when you visit the doctor, he suggests blood sample testing that, in turn, results positive for Malaria.  

Not every mosquito bite causes Malaria in an individual; however, when the plasmodium parasite infects an Anopheles mosquito, it results in a Malaria diagnosis. Therefore, the most preventive measure is the Malaria vaccination.  

Even though Malaria is a curable and preventable disease but it continues to develop severe complications in individuals. In this post, you will come up with all the measures that can accelerate the fight against Malaria.  

Malaria Causes 

Malaria is a parasitic disease yielded by the bite of an infected Anopheles Mosquito. Plasmodium is the most common species causing Malaria and is prevalent. However, each subspecies of it causes different symptoms in an individual.  

It gets transferred in the human body and multiplies in the liver. It attacks the red blood cells causing serious complications. It usually takes 20 days for appearing the symptoms. Once diagnosed with it, it is essential to take advice from healthcare professionals. 

Malaria Prevention  

Malaria is a curable disease that can easily get prevented by following some measures. Here are a few preventive measures that can eradicate Malaria. 

  • Awareness: Knowing the risk factors is an important measure to prevent Malaria. If you are in the risk areas, stop visiting open water stagnant pools. Keep surroundings clean. Furthermore, keep an eye on the Malaria symptoms. On the onset of the symptoms, visit the doctor. 
  • Personal Protection:
  1. Try to wear full-sleeved clothes.
  2. Spray insect repellants on the skin.
  3. Never try to keep the doors and windows open at night.

Most mosquitoes get active at night so use a mosquito net while sleeping. These are some personal protection measures that can prevent Malaria. Know about organic mosquito repellent

  • Mosquito Control: It is significant to focus on measures to reduce the contact between mosquitoes and the human body. Insect repellents can help to avoid mosquito bites. The residual sprays can destroy mosquito larvae and act as Malaria prevention’s most important control measure. 

Boosting the Fight Against Malaria 

Climate change leans on pushing the Malaria-causing mosquitoes to the unaffected areas and increases Malaria-causing chances. There is a need to stand up against this and boost the fight against Malaria. Here is how you can get in the fight against Malaria.  

  • Innovative Solutions: In the fight against Malaria, there is a need for innovative approaches and solutions. The targeted delivery of insecticide-treated mosquito nets with an improved supply chain and powerful surveillance have reduced the Malaria death rate. 
  • Additional Resources: Adding more Malaria control measures can drastically reduce the rise in Malaria cases. The mobilized additional resources can strengthen the system and bring a healthier world. 

Wrapping Up 

Every year thousands of individuals die of Malaria. Malaria is a preventable disease, but when left untreated, it can cause serious complications in individuals. Therefore, one of the most common preventive measures is to get the shot of Malaria vaccination. Despite being a necessity, getting a diagnosis for Malaria prevention is essential.