Manute Bol Cause Of Death How Old Was Manute When He Died? Know What Happened?

Who was Manute Bol?

Manute Bol was not just a basketball sensation. Bol, who stands at 7 feet 7 inch and is one of the tallest NBA players in history, has a love and dedication for Sudan that goes beyond his athletic prowess.

What did Bol envision for Sudan?

Bol remained loyal to the Sudanese people despite the fame and fortune he gained from his NBA career. Bol dreamed about creating schools throughout the country in the hope that education could be used as a bridge for peace between the ethnic groups. Bol’s vision was personal because he had lost close family members in the conflicts he sought to end.

What happened during Bol’s charity mission to Sudan?

Bol embarked on a charity mission in Sudan to help his native people. Unfortunately, this mission had a disastrous impact on his health. He contracted kidney infection while away, which worsened because he was not taking his medication. Bol’s condition worsened to Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, where blisters were so painful that he could not eat or drink for two weeks.

What was the reaction of the world to Bol’s death?

The sudden death of Manute Bol on June 19 at age 47 sent shockwaves throughout the world. Even in his last days, his dedication to Sudan was apparent. Rev. Prichard who worked with Bol via the organization Sudan Sunrise shared that “Four days prior to his death, he expressed his desire to return to Sudan by October.” This sentiment highlights Bol’s unwavering commitment to his homeland.

What is Stevens Johnson Syndrome?

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is an immune reaction that causes painful blisters to appear on the lips, skin, or mucous membranes. Dr. Joseph Jorizzo of American Academy of Dermatology said that severe cases require treatment in intensive care units and specialty burn centers.

Why is Bol’s Legacy important today?

Bol’s story is a powerful reminder that one person can make a difference, on and off the court. His commitment to Sudan shows the depth of character and belief in education. Bol’s legacy is an inspiration. It shows that greatness cannot be measured by achievements alone, but also by positive changes made in the world.

In conclusion

Manute Bol’s life is a testament to human resiliency and determination. His legacy in Sudan, and his tireless advocacy for education and peace will remain as his most significant contributions. Bol’s death was a loss to the world. His impactful legacy will continue in future generations.


  1. What was the cause of Manute Bol’s Death?
    • Bol died from complications of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, after contracting kidney infection while on a charity trip in Sudan.
  2. Is Manute Bol’s illness connected to his work as a charity in Sudan?
    • Bol did contract a kidney infection while on his charity mission. The infection progressed and eventually led to his death.
  3. What was Manute Bol’s age when he died?
    • Manute Bol, who died in 2007, was 47.
  4. Manute Bol, did you have any final wishes for Sudan?
    • Bol, who was on his deathbed when he expressed his desire to return home, reaffirmed his love for his native Sudan.
  5. What is Stevens Johnson Syndrome?
    • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is an immune reaction that causes blisters to form on the mucous membranes and skin. It often requires intensive care.