Mauritania Wordle What’s Worldle?

This guide provides details on a new geography-based game that will eliminate confusion around the Mauritania game.

Are you a fan of Wordle, the popular puzzle game? Wordle is the inspiration for a geo-based puzzle game.

The default gameplay of the game is to guess the name of the country in six attempts. Many people around the world enjoy this game, and they keep adding new riddles every day to keep it interesting.

The puzzle game published a riddle on 15 April with the answer Mauritania. People were not able to find the answer and searched for Mauritania Wordle.

What was all the Riddle About?

Worldle recently published a riddle. It was the 84th puzzle in the puzzle game. A few hints were provided to help players guess the solution to the daily puzzle. It is not to be confused with any other game. These clues will help you:

  • It is an African country
  • Name of a country with ten letters
  • Rich in minerals
  • Starts with the letter M.

Based on clues, players guessed the correct answer, i.e. Mauritania. It is therefore the correct answer to the 84th riddle of Worldle, and not Mauritania game.

What’s Worldle?

Worldle is a daily riddle game that was inspired by Wordle. It follows the same format and rules as Wordle, where players must guess and solve riddles in six attempts. The game is geography-based and players must guess the name of the country instead of the word.

Each player gets six chances to guess the country name. Hints are also given because the tiles’ color changes to show how accurate their answers were.

The solution to the riddle lies in Mauritania. People are confused by the new Wordle game.

Is there any Mauritania Game ??

There is no such game named Mauritania. Mauritania is the answer for a daily puzzle in Worldle, a geography-based puzzle game. Worldle published the 84th riddle, along with a few hints. The correct name of the country must be guess by the players.

The game has seen six players solve the riddle in just six attempts. Many of them shared their answers on social media. People misunderstood what the game was and confused it with the solution to the riddle. They are now searching incorrectly for the Mauritania Game.

It isn’t a game, nor a spin-off from the Wordle game. It’s an answer to the Worldle riddle, published on 15 April. You should not confuse the solution with any other game.


is a daily riddle game that has become a hit with fans. This game is a spin-off from Wordle, the famous riddle. It is still in the news, however, because many people mistakenly believe that the game answers the 84th riddle.

This riddle was solved by Mauritania. People thought it was a Mauritania game. Is there a solution to the 85th riddle that you can solve? Comment below.