Measuring Brand Health For B2B Businesses

The importance of a brand in creating a devoted and lucrative consumer base and offering a clear differentiation from rivals has never been greater. The ease with which B2B companies can now connect internationally has increased the number of efficient competitors in several industries.

Thus, brand health in B2B business can be measured through focus groups and surveys, looking at organic volume, google alerts and Social Engagement, Reach, and Mentions.

Why is it important?

The importance of each component of brand health varies. You get a clearer idea of your strengths and shortcomings by taking a broad view of the subject.

Your brand’s health can be determined by considering all the relevant aspects or whatever scale you want to use. You can do particular things from there.

If it’s unwholesome, your brand is hurting your company. You can determine why this is happening and how to stop it by using the metrics, you monitor. You can learn how to maintain this after it is successful. When everything is in order, you can consider making improvements.

In essence, it’s about fully grasping your brand and figuring out how to exploit it.

Measuring Brand Health

There arevarious ways of measuring brand health, as discussed below.

Focus Groups and Surveys

You may learn much about your brand’s recognition, especially among specific demographics depending on how you conduct the survey.

These provide sentiment, but they can also offer detailed qualitative data. You can select specific questions and learn more about how people perceive your brand by considering brand positioning and reputation.

Organic Volume
Organic search volume measures how frequently visitors enter a particular query into a search engine. Your company name, products, or services are brand-specific keywords that you may examine to determine how often people search for them. 

Considering that, once more, if individuals are looking for terms associated with your brand, they are already familiar with it.

Google Alerts

When your brand is mentioned online by a news source or other third party, Google Alerts is a useful tool that notifies you. 

Without having to sift through countless Google search results, it enables you to gauge how many people are talking about you and what they are saying.

Social Engagement, Reach, and Mentions

Your B2B brand awareness may be accurately measured by looking at the engagement, reach, and mentions on social media. Let’s examine what each one distinctly measures:

  • Engagement: Your brand gets the number of comments, likes, or shares.
  • Reach: The audience size of each posting, typically measured through company accounts on social media sites like Facebook,LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Mentions: The frequency with which your business is naturally mentioned on social media via tags, comments, or hashtags.

If people respond to your postings, see them, or discuss you in other posts, they are aware of who you areand brand awareness.


Possessing a powerful brand has numerous advantages. However, creating one is tricky. The creation and maintenance of brands consume a lot of marketing professionals’ time and resources.

By measuring overall brand health and watching how it changes over time, brand tracking studies enable marketers to ensure that their efforts are well-spent.