Prince Harry has been attracting a lot of media attention for his recent actions and his spouse Meghan Markle hasn’t been seen from him at the moment.

The fans of the couple are mourning that the duchess is not in Sussex and are speculating on their relationship to Harry.

Some people believe that the Duke has put everything into his own hands in relation to his relationship with the royal family members and other ongoing issues.

The Duke of Sussex has recently sought police protection in order to return home to his family and has reportedly called his father’s phone to make “friendly video calls” however, Meghan was not there to back his actions.

Harry has even been criticized for his threats of legal action against the government of Queen Elizabeth II in the event that he seeks an appeal to the decision to remove Harry from his UK Police Protection Team.

The granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II also provoked anger when he spoke about his thoughts about mental health in his recent conversation with Alexi Robichaux and tennis star Serena Williams this week as part of the Inner Work Day event.

He stated: “I, similar to Alexi, experienced burnout. Alexi suffered from burnout, and through that burnout, it was almost at the top of everything that I experienced.”

In the course of the conversation, Harry added that he is hoping that bosses will provide employees with time to improve the “mental health”.

Harry and Meghan’s contracts with streaming giants were also scrutinized in the last week, but the Duchess seemed to keep herself off of all developments.

There’s no word in media reports from Duchess and Duke. Duke and Duchess on Queen’s birthday celebrations. They also didn’t send a congratulatory message to Kate Middleton publicly on her birthday.

There are speculations that she’s planning something major and will come back to the media with a vengeance. No matter what, people want to find out where Meghan is, and why she’s staying away from media.

The Sussexes critics say they’re not on the same page. Harry plans to travel across in the UK along with the rest of his family members for his family’s participation in the Duke of Edinburgh ‘s funeral and the Queen’s Jubilee during the summer months however Meghan does not have a desire to travel there because she’s busy having their children.