Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina :- Hurricanes and Memorial Hospitals

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On 29 August 2005, a powerful hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina brought winds of 140 mph, 10-16 inches heavy rain and storms up to 14 feet. New Orleans’ memorial hospital was severely damaged by the storm.

The hospital had 2500 patients evacuated and around 215 bodies had been discovered. Worldwide, people, including Canada and the United States of America,, etc., were curious about the incident at Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina. 2500 patients had been evacuated.

Hurricanes and Memorial Hospitals

The memorial hospital was devastated by Katrina. It was completely surrounded by floodwaters. There was no electricity and no sanitation. There was a lot of staff who decided to stay in the hospital for recovery. Around 2000 people were present on the hospital’s premises at that point, including 600 workers and 200 patients. All patients began screaming as the storm intensified, with every window breaking under the hailstones from nearby rooftops. The hospital environment was totally disturbed.

The electricity supply to the hospital’s buildings was cut off by the storm that struck in the morning. The Memorial hospital was spared from the flooding by the use of emergency lights and other critical equipment. Patients, their families, and staff were all evacuated from the difficult situation. There were 215 deaths.


The administration called for assistance and sent a letter to all other hospitals in which Memorial had evacuated more than 180 patients. A senior member of Memorial met with nurses and doctors, who were the hospital’s command center for evacuation purposes. They agreed on the best way to evacuate the hospital’s buildings. The doctors were scared by the Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina incident.

Strategy for Evacuation:

Doctors in hospitals decided that babies, pregnant women, and patients with severe illnesses in I.C.U. were priority. Because of the extreme heat, they should be given priority. The nurses held the infants in their arms, and manually pumped oxygen into their lungs until they were unable to reach the hospital.

On August 30, more than 50 patients were evacuated. However, it became too exhausting for hospital staff. The doctors refused to airlift patients even though some staff suggested they could. They also stated that the helipad was very dark and had no guardrail and that staff needed rest.

Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina:

Dr. Anna Pou determined which patients should be evacuated first. Some witnesses claimed that Pou administered morphine to patients following Katrina.

Dr. Pou was taken into custody and charged with second-degree killing. Lori Budo, Cheri Landry and other nurses were also taken into custody and charged. The grand jury ended its investigation after several months by not indicting any of the suspects. Read more about the Memorial Hospital’s involvement during Katrina Hurricane.


Further investigation was conducted after Hurricane Katrina’s storm. Dr. Anna Pou, who was then arrested and charged for second-degree murder, was also taken into consideration. You can find out more about Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina. There is no way to determine whether deaths are due to natural or homicide. The evidence in the latter case was more doubtful.

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