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Michelle Grace is who? How much is Michelle Grace worth? Michelle Grace is an actress and producer who is well-known. She was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 4, 1968. She is well-known in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. As an actress and producer, she has produced a lot of great shows for the entertainment industry.

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Michelle Grace does what?

Michelle is an American actress and producer. Her appearance in the musical drama film “The Rat Pack” is well-known. She was also a part of the directional drama ‘A Rumor of Angels. Michelle has produced numerous films over her career and was an executive producer for the television series ‘Baseball wives’.

Throughout her career, the actress was able to attract many eyes. Michele Grace was 33 years old when she appeared on her final reality show, “Basketball Wives”. The actress played the part of Sydney Coopman. The actress then focused on producing films and tv programs, which proved to be very lucrative for her.

Michelle Grace’s Net Worth

Grace earned most of her income in her early acting career. The actress and producer turned producer earned a good amount of money while producing films. The net worth of the actress is between $1 million and $5 million. According to some articles, Michelle Grace Net worth 2022 was $6 million.

Michelle Grace’s net worth will reach around $15 million when she adds her ex-husband. Readers may not know Ray Liotta, ex-husband to Michelle Grace. He is a prominent director in America and has produced many great films. While working together, both husband and wife made great money.

His ex-husband, died May 26, 2022. According to legend, the director died while filming for “Dangerous Water” in his sleep.

Michelle Wiki Grace

Michelle Grace, 53 years old, is an actress and producer from the US. Grace married Mark Grace on August 1, 1988. The marriage was not a long-lasting one and Grace divorced Mark Grace in 1992. The couple has maintained their good relationship despite being divorcées. In 1997, Michelle married Ray Liotta. They divorced in 2004 after their marriage didn’t last long. Michelle and Ray have a daughter, Karsen Liotta.


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