Recreational vehicles (RVs) are a terrific way to spend quality time with loved ones and create unforgettable memories. Nonetheless, most RV enthusiasts agree that repairing your camper van or motorhome isn’t quite as exciting. While there are a lot of potential problems that may arise with a recreational vehicle, there are a couple that crop up more often.

The estimated prices of these fixes vary depending on a number of variables. The decision of whether or not to repair the RV yourself vs. taking it to a shop is a major one. In any case, knowing as much as possible about the problem and the repair at hand is essential for a successful and economical outcome. Here are the five most frequent RV repairs, along with their typical costs and explanations for why they occur.

RV Services and Repairs

When it comes to the upkeep of recreational vehicles, our RV repair services may be broken down into the following three categories:

At Trademasters, we can assist with the repair and maintenance of your recreational vehicle from the wheels to the roof, or we may personalize your weekend getaway by installing solar panels, electrical curtains, and a variety of other amenities. You may have peace of mind knowing that when we’re done with your RV, it will look brand new!

  1. Under FLOOR Maintenance and Upkeep

Because of our many years of experience in this field, we know that RV owners often disregard the maintenance of their braking and bearing systems, ultimately resulting in expensive failures. In order to ensure your safety and the safety of other drivers, we have a policy that requires a 30-point examination of the axle. This inspection includes checking the tires and bearings, cleaning the components, load testing the batteries and headlights, and fixing the brakes.

Consider doing an axle flip if your vehicle sets too tall for your fifth wheel or if your recreational vehicle needs a little bit extra clearance. By repositioning the suspension such that it is over-slung on the axle rather than underslung, axle flipping is believed to offer recreational vehicles (RVs) an additional 4 – 5 inches of lift. This is a safe and cost-effective approach to get some more ground clearance

 when pulling a fifth wheel or bumper pull. 

You may want to consider getting a subframe lift if it isn’t enough. When an axle flipping isn’t enough to elevate the vehicle, a subframe lift may provide extra lift by attaching steel piping to the bottom of the frame rails.

  1. Over floor Repair work

In order to stop water from escaping via the vehicle’s seams, ducts, doors, and edges, the RV repair technicians here will reseal those areas. As part of the services we provide to repair roofs and rot, we also do a comprehensive inspection of the electrical system and assist you with filing insurance claims. In addition, we are skilled in dealing with repairs for unintentional damage and personalizing the interior according to the specifications you provide.

We are prepared to repair any aspect of your trailer that may have been damaged or worn out—ranging from heaters and gas systems to the damage done to the outside.

  1. RV Improvements

Get in touch with us when you are ready to disconnect from the grid and take in the splendor of uninhabited areas, and we will outfit your car with a robust solar panel system. We have a number of solar panels and charging devices, which together extend the life of the batteries by fifty percent. Not to mention the fact that this clean and sustainable source of energy is perfect for the production of backup power in the event of an emergency.

About Us

Over the course of more than three decades, Trademasters has made it their mission to devise solutions to the problems faced by our clientele.

Trademasters is a local business that has been serving the Fraser Valley with strong hauling attachments and goods for more than 31 years. The business is privately owned and maintained by a local family.

Our dedication to you extends to the following areas:

  1. Knowledgeable, pleasant staff
  2. Install trailer and vehicle accessories by fully qualified and certified technicians with years of experience in the industry.
  3. A straightforward and properly documented estimate so that you are aware of everything that your money is going toward.
  4. A call to check in with you after the job is finished to see how everything is doing and assure that everything is up to your standards.
  5. Quick service because we value the time you have given us.
  6. Sincere counsel on your motor vehicle

What Sets Us Apart

Because we have all of the components, including appliances and accessories, necessary to improve RVs, we are the company that campers turn to most often. Our licensed RV Technicians take great pleasure in the high quality of their work as well as their ability to communicate effectively. When you hire us to assist you in fixing your RV, you can be certain that the job will be done correctly.

We are able to meet people’s requirements for towing thanks to the partnerships we have formed with manufacturers of fifth-wheel hauling equipment. Our price structure is both straightforward and aggressive, and it includes, among other things, comprehensive services and electrical package deals.

Contact Us 

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet, but we have a lot of experience assisting individuals in Canada to find dependable RV services over the course of many years.

Don’t hesitate to contact us during our office hours to get an estimate at no cost, and we will discuss the many choices for repairing your recreational vehicle so that it may be driven again. You may also send us a note by filling up the contact form that is located on our website, and we will get back to you regarding hitching fifth wheels, installs, or anything else that you want assistance with.

If your RV requires maintenance, you can leave that to us, and we’ll get you back out on the open road as quickly as possible.