Mother’s Day 2023: DIY Gifts For
Mums With Flower Obsessions

Mother’s day is a special occasion that blesses us with an opportunity to show our mothers how much we truly appreciate them. While there are plenty of ways to celebrate, gifting flowers is arguably the most common. For Mother’s Day 2023, why not try something new? Working on DIY projects is a fun and creative way to create cherished memories with your moum. Though to stick with traditions, we’re sticking with ornaments that involve flowers. Explore our list to discover exciting and easy Mother’s Day DIY projects that involve flowers. 

Custom Flower Vase 

A beautiful bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers deserves to be housed in an equally stunning floral vase. This is the perfect opportunity for you to attend a pottery class with your mother so you can create your own ceramic vases. You’ll be able to bring to life your very own unique designs that match the flowers you intend on placing in them. Personalise your vase with your own unique style to make them stand out from generic alternatives. If you’re unable to make your own vase from scratch, you could also consider buying a plain vase and decorating it with your mother. Using some paints or markers is an effective way to spruce up a boring looking plain vase. All that’s left to do is to furnish your new vases with flowers. Check out this flower delivery Sydney service which can send flowers straight to your mum’s doorstep.

Floral Wreath 

A floral wreath is a versatile decoration that can be used to adorn walls and doors. To create your floral wreath, gather some floral wire, greenery, and your flowers of choice. Start by shaping the wire into a circle and then attach your flowers and greenery using floral tape. You can experiment with different types of flowers to create wreaths with varying styles. 

Flower Crown 

Flower crowns are fashionable accessories that you and your mother will surely love. You only need the same tools required to craft floral wreaths to create your flowers crowns as well! All you need are some flowers, floral wire, and a ribbon is optional. Start by cutting the floral wire into the desired length and then shaping it into a circle. Next, attach the flowers to the wire using floral tape. To add the finishing touches, you may tie your ribbon to the ends to create an endearing bow. There you have it, a crown fit for a queen, and your mother too! 

Flower Picture Frame 

Creating a picture frame with your mother is not only a great way to create a special memory, but to display your special memories too. Before you start, have a picture ready of you and your mother to place inside the frame once it’s ready. Start by choosing a plain picture frame that you can decorate with some paint or markers. Then, choose some flowers that you can use to create a floral border around the frame. Use glue to attach the flowers to the frame, and then let it dry. 

Mason Jar Flower Arrangement 

A mason jar flower arrangement is a simple and rustic way to add some charm to your mother’s home. Start by picking a mason jar that you can decorate with some ribbon or paint. Then, choose some flowers that you can use to create a beautiful bouquet. Arrange the flowers in the jar, and then tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar to complete the look. 

Creating DIY projects for Mother’s Day is a fun and creative way to show your mother how much you care. By incorporating flowers into your projects, you can add a special touch of beauty and elegance that your mum will surely appreciate. Whether you choose to create 

a custom flower vase, a floral wreath, a flower crown, a flower picture frame, or a mason jar flower arrangement, your mum will surely love her new floral gift. So, why not get creative and surprise your mum with a beautiful DIY flower project this Mother’s Day?