Mushrooms in the sun, a great alternative to increase vitamin D

One of the most striking characteristics of vitamin D is how it is obtained. Mainly, the best source of obtaining this vitamin is the exposure of the skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, from which the organism increases the values ​​of this nutrient.

Specifically, the body has the ability, through a complex process, to increase vitamin D values ​​thanks to skin exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. Among other elements, cholesterol is a key substance in the metabolism of this vitamin.

Therefore, it is common for some people to have higher levels of vitamin D in periods of the year such as spring or summer, when sunny days are recurrent and the solar radiation is more intense.

Although, medical experts warn that it is advisable to sunbathe in moderation in order to increase the levels of vitamin D. And it is that excess solar radiation can cause skin damage, even the severity of skin cancer.

In this sense, specialists in the field explain that by exposing certain parts of the body (arms, legs and face) for about 20 or 80 minutes, we will help the body to have optimal levels of vitamin D.

Other sources of obtaining

Another option to favor the increase of this vitamin in the body is found in the diet, although the variety of foods that help to increase vitamin D is very limited. Among them, blue fish, shellfish, egg yolk, mushrooms, mushrooms, avocados or dairy products stand out.

Vitamina DSun exposure

In addition, numerous products currently include enriched vitamin D, given the importance of this nutrient for different functions of the body.

However, vitamin D experts, such as Dr. Michael F. Holick, assure that the 80 % of the levels of this vitamin in the body comes from solar radiation; while the remaining percentage comes from food or supplements.

Do not forget that it is also possible to increase the levels of this vitamin by consuming supplements, although in this case it is always advisable to have the supervision of a specialist.

Mushrooms and vitamin D

Different varieties and mushrooms help to increase the levels of this vitamin. Thus, with these foods an interesting particularity occurs.

Normally, this type of plant-based food grows exposed to sunlight. That is why mushrooms carry out a kind of process similar to that of human beings to increase their composition in vitamin D.

Although it may seem surprising, some scientific studies have found that exposing mushrooms to the sun before consumption is favorable for increasing their composition in vitamin D.

In any case, within the field of food, mushrooms are one of the most beneficial foods to increase vitamin D; although the main source of obtaining this nutrient is found in the radiation of ultraviolet rays from the sun.

In general, mushrooms do not contain a high amount of vitamin D, but they do help to complement solar radiation as a source of obtaining this vitamin.