Must-Have Pet Supplies for Your New Puppy

If you have decided to get a puppy, certain things have to be put in place before the puppy comes home. Aside from adjusting your home and schedule to fit your latest household member, you need to get some very essential supplies too.

In this article, we will list some basic supplies you have to get for your new pet. These supplies will make your puppy feel welcome and comfortable in its new environment.

Luckily, most of these supplies can be gotten from reliable stores, so you don’t have to go through so much hassle to get them. You can click here to go on Holistapet to find out more on how to buy pet supplies from online stores.

1. Bowls

Your pet has to eat just like you. So, one vital thing that you can’t forgo as you shop for your new pet is bowls. You’d typically need different bowls for water and food.

Your dog’s water bowl should always be filled with fresh water so that your dog can hydrate whenever it has to even when you aren’t home.

2. Car harness, Dog Guard, or Traveling Crate

Even though you don’t travel often with your pet, you’d need these gears because sometimes, you’d have to take them out in your car. For instance during vet or grooming salon visits. Ideally, dogs shouldn’t travel (especially long distances) in a car without being secured using a car harness or placed in a traveling crate.

Traveling crates are preferable because they provide the pet with their space and also ensure they are comfortable and safe.

You can help your new dog get used to traveling in a car by initially going on short car trips. Once they get used to this, you can increase the distance.

3. Toys

Your puppy needs to have several interesting toys at their disposal, if not they may end up chewing on some of your things. When shopping for your pet’s toys, you have to be as careful as possible. Do not select toys that are too small as your puppy can choke on them. Also, avoid toys that may have splinters or potentially harm your pet.

Don’t allow your dog to play with squash or golf balls and sticks. If any of these gets stuck in their throat, it can cause severe damage and sometimes even death.

4. Stain Removal

It’s a new pet so a lot of “accidents” may happen because it probably isn’t potty-trained yet. Therefore, you need to keep stain removal products handy so you can tackle these accidents immediately they happen. Ensure you choose one that effectively removes both stains and odors.

5. Bedding

Your pet has to sleep too and for it to do this well, you need to get it a comfy bed. Your pet not getting enough sleep due to an uncomfortable sleeping environment can affect its overall health and we are sure you don’t want this. Read this article to learn why dogs sleep as much as they do and why it is important for them.

The bed you buy should be bigger than a puppy because your dog may grow very fast (depending on its breed). Changing the bed just a few months after you got it would inconvenience you and your pockets.

The good thing is there are several types of dog beds. For instance, some beds are relatively chew-resistant. Others may be machine washable. Some may combine several features in one. You simply need to shop around until you find one that you like. You may also need to buy two beds so that another one can be used when you wash and dry out the other one.

6. Identity Tag

Your dog needs to have an identity tag. This tag should feature your name and your address. You could also put your phone number on it; although, you may skip featuring the dog’s name.  Even though your dog is microchipped, it still needs to have this tag.

7. Leads

Your dog needs to take walks to stay healthy; hence, you need leads for it. When choosing a lead for your pet, always do so with its breed and size at the back of your mind. This will help you choose a suitable lead for it. The lead shouldn’t be too heavy, short, or long.

It should be just right. If you prefer a rope lead, ensure it is strong yet comfortable to hold on to. Chain leads are typically painful when held on to. But if your puppy chews its lead, a chain lead may be the best option. Finally, a nylon lead may be strong, but holding it can sometimes hurt the hands.

8. Grooming Equipment

Dogs (especially short-coated ones) have to be regularly groomed. So, you need to invest in grooming equipment for your pet. Aside from brushes and nail trimmers, you’d also need to get your pet shampoos and toothpaste. Using human shampoos and toothpaste for your pet can be detrimental to its health.

9. Poo Bags

The UK has the Clean Neighbourhoods& Environment Act 2005. Visit https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ to find out more about this Act. Under this Act, citizens are required to clean up their dog’s poo when their pet is in a public area.

Even without a law, this is the right thing to do. Therefore, you need a large supply of nappy sacks and poo bags to clean up your puppy’s mess whenever you go out with it.


The supplies listed in this article are very essential for your new puppy. Without them, you may have a hard time caring for your pet. However, these are just some of the basic ones. As time goes on, and your pet grows, you most likely will need to get more supplies for it.