My Demon Release Date, Time, Plot, Story and Cast

The latest Korean drama starring Song Kang is sure to capture audiences with its unique blends of romance, humor, and supernatural elements. This K-drama, which is set to be released on Netflix and SBS on November 24, has already created a buzz for its star-studded casting and intriguing plot. This article will explore the details about “My Demon,” including its release date, cast and where you can watch it.

Where and when can viewers watch my Demon?

The release date for “My Demon”, which is set for November 24, will be 10 PM Korean Standard Time. Netflix will release the series simultaneously for international audiences. This ensures global accessibility. The show will air on Fridays and Saturdays, with a total 16 episodes. This much-anticipated series will replace the popular “The Escape of the Seven” and promises to be a new and exciting experience.

Due to its dual availability on SBS as well as Netflix, “My Demon”, is easily accessible by a broad range of audiences. The strategic distribution and scheduling plan is a testimony to the increasing popularity of Kdramas around the world, with platforms such as Netflix playing a crucial role in bringing them to a worldwide audience.

What are the stars of My Demon’s?

The cast of “My Demon”, led by Song Kang is visually stunning. He is known for his captivating performance and ‘chocolate-boy’ image. Kim Yoo Jung brings her charm and talent to this series. Lee Sang Yi is also featured in the show, best known for his role as “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” along with Kim Hae Sook and Lee Yoon Ji.

The series was written by Choi Ah Il and directed by Kim Jang Han, who is known for his hit film “Mr. Queen. The combination of talented actors and a creative team with experience sets up “My Demon” for success.

What is the plot of my Demon?

The story “My Demon”, revolves around the fascinating dynamics between Jung Won, who is a demon, but has lost his powers unexpectedly, and Do Do Hee – a chaebol sheiress with demon tendencies and trust issues. These characters, portrayed by Song Kang or Kim Yoo Jung, find themselves in an arranged marriage that turns into something deeper and more unexpected.

In this fantasy drama, Do Do Hee, who is shaped by an environment of distrust, falls in unintentionally love with a demonic. Song Kang’s Jung Gu Won is portrayed as a dangerous yet charming devil that engages in soul trading deals. The marriage of the two couples, originally based on contract, is characterized by rumors, unexpected developments and a captivating story infused with romance.


“My Demon”, a K-drama that blends romance, comedy and supernatural themes, is set to become a landmark addition to the landscape of Kdramas. The debut of “My Demon”, which is set for 24 November on Netflix and SBS promises a captivating narrative and a captivating cast. Strategic distribution ensures that it is a must-watch K drama series for both fans and new viewers, increasing the anticipation of an engaging story from this captivating series.