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Nano Snore

Nano Snore, a startup that focuses on sleep and wellness, is located in Toronto. At the moment, the company’s only offering is the Intelligent Nora Snoring Solution. It was launched through a Kickstarter campaign. This system will help you to stop sleeping when your companion or you are awake.

Smart Nora activates your vocal chords to stop you snoring. It uses airflow to elevate and lower your pillow. This method is not compatible with other anti-snoring devices. Smart Nora could be a good option for people who wish to reduce disruptions in sleep.

Analyzed Nano Snore Reviews

Smart Nora is a novel technology-powered sleep solution. It consists of two main parts. The Ledge microphone is mounted on your head and detects snoring sounds.

When the microphone detects snoring, an inflatable insert is placed beneath your pillow. The insert will cause your pillow to shift slightly, which will allow air to flow through your neck and prevent you from snoring. This device is ideal for those who do not need medical attention but want to reduce snoring.

Options and Features

The Nano Snore Reviews manufacturer recommends a queen-sized pillow. However, the Smart Nora can be used with all pillows. The Smart Nora’s three main components are the base, the inflated pillow insert and the Pebble microphone. The gadget comes with a case and chargers. Both the microphone and base of the Pebble need to be charged. The Pebble can last at most a week without charging, unlike the base that must be charged every night.

Information about Prices

The Nano Snore Review is more costly than many other anti-snoring devices. Mouthpieces and mouthguards, for example, can often be half the price of Smart Nora. For some people who snore, a higher headrest may be all that is needed to stop their snoring.

Smart Nora, however, is durable and may be attractive to those who don’t like to wear jewellery at night, or to those who have had trouble switching between pillows.


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